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  1. Crash to desktop after battle finishes

    Thanks, will try that!
  2. Crash to desktop after battle finishes

    I just completely reinstalled the game and then the mod.. After the login screen my screen stays black... When i press the windows button i can get back to windows, but the game is still running even while i can't get back into it... Have to delete it from processes... Any idea what to do ? Oh btw, it runs decent in safe mode Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Climbing tutorial

    blegh so its done with climbing i guess im gunna play another game
  4. Climbing tutorial

    There were enough in last patch that i enjoyed
  5. Climbing tutorial

    Hi Aslain, I see you removed climbing tutorial Is it coming back ? Why removed??? I love to climb, but I am shit without mod
  6. No Gunsounds and Weird Hangar in game

    This post can be closed btw i think.
  7. No Gunsounds and Weird Hangar in game

    Thanks. but i loved the sounds, will u add them back when fixed?
  8. No Gunsounds and Weird Hangar in game

    Okay man, just did. Thanks
  9. Hi Man, Just installed your newest update and something seems to be broken now. No more gun sounds - i selected the Gnomefather Historical Realism Gun Sounds (By Zorgane). Before doing this update it worked. I changed it to Blitzkrieg (by cwjan90) now and still no gunsound. And the Hangar's background / lookout is kinda tripping. Sixth sense sound not working anymore as well. No sound in loading game screen too before login. When i now take the War Thunder sounds, gunsounds work again and the loading screen sound works again too. Btw i cannot find the aslain log zip file. anywhere on my disk. python.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf