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  1. i just did a search on the mod site in question and found 3 mods all for ther latest version of the game ALL illegal. FPP or not aslain check all mods legality before he adds them. if a mod is called into qyuestion at a later date then its removed untill its decided. FPP or not people visit these sites becasue they host less than legal or grey area MODS. FPP discusion aside about if people were being sarcastic or not its simple really. If its deemed a good mod Aslain will add it. If its deemed bad aslain wont. Go forth play with new mod now its added and enjoy.
  2. if tyou read jsut one comment it can come across as sarcastic, but if a person takes the tuime to read it properly it makes sence. When i first read it i thought you were being sarcastic until I reread the sentence again. SO know where he is coming from.
  3. I think there is some confusion. When you read it at first on its own it can sound sarcastic but knowing @Quaksen he was being serious. Also Zzarac was just highlighting the obvious and yes its better that all servers are the same rules. there can be oh no i thought i was on xx server i wont do it again etc. this way you use dodgy mods and get caught bye bye time. Well put in your responce too @Quaksen saves people drawing the wrong conclussion from small part of a bigger statment. Totaly with you on it. Hope that clarified things for you @zzarac
  4. ive visited the site myself looking at mods and often get the red window warning screen. I stick with what aslain has as im not going to risk my account with random mods. Most legitimate modders want to have thir mods in places like aslains. This site in my opinion is a site is a plac e full of many illegal mods and suspisously routed download links.
  5. dont forget to click that donate button on top.
  6. check out these answers its probably one of them.
  7. nice support their Quaksen heres a cookie and some rep
  8. very wierd
  9. he has an outdated client Aslain thats what the message says, the mod pack is fine its his installed client thats out of date
  10. you get that message when you hav e not updated your game. update your game first then try to install latest mod pack. I know becasue I had the exact same issue and got the exact same screen.
  11. perfect works fine for me @Aslain
  12. oh okay i played it on my normal system and added it to my game and final beep was not present
  13. neeeds an end beep
  14. im looking for a clan but im a crazy guy. my skills in strongholds and stuff is great but my wn8 is crap as I just play randpoms for fun or id go insane with the amount of bots and tomato players who ruin randoms.
  15. problem with the russian site so many of the mods there are deemed suspicious.