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  1. Aslain to Hospital

    soon you will be more augmented than Adam Jensen . Now he has some cool augments
  2. Aslain to Hospital

    I heard wargaming game him some mods of his own
  3. Game freezes randomly 9.20.0_09a

    not running any mods and on my laptop all is good but on my pc i get those too. im thinking its a nvidea issue
  4. Two Steps from Hell music list

    youd need to go to the mod creatr for updated list
  5. Aslain to Hospital

    That I have no idea. I dont think hes planning on going anywhere its just a serious surgery thats going to put him in recovery for a couple of weeks
  6. Aslain to Hospital

    I am sure Aslain will appreciate all the words of support he is gettings.
  7. Aslain to Hospital

    please all do donate to him a few euros so he has a nice care package when hes out of hospital and can eat some nice foods
  8. Aslain to Hospital

    well you can message @Aslain direct on here added 2 minutes later when Aslain is ready to share he will share for now just wish him well. he is not though about to die like some places are saying
  9. Aslain to Hospital

    wish i could upvote this more than once it is the best one yet
  10. Aslain to Hospital

    Good luck buddy. Ive pmd you also
  11. Sights

    cool I had no looked as currently not got game installed nor modpack. just pput in a new hard drive as old one was a little bit worn out. Enjoy @billyzbear added 1 minute later looks like all these are now back in the mod pack added 3 minutes later you may find the big red cross is actually the crosshair target. you can select bigger in the mod pack.
  12. Sights

    ahh no the big red cross can be added to any sights with the crosshair section. @Aslain Is Damocles Sword still available to be added? this is th only one I can find thats upto date http://modsworldoftanks.com/the-sight-of-damocles-sword/ added 1 minute later http://www.pkwot.com/2016/05/915-sword-of-damocles-arty-gun-sight-by.html
  13. Sights

    hope they are there for you soon? Which sights is it exactly your looking for? if its the big color cross thats back in already.
  14. Sights

    sights are modders to update. when they update them and let aslain know he will readd them.
  15. World of Tanks

    yup as I said though, an elite few and leaving the rest of the folks in the wind. Its why they lost so many players. go back through the history of when i was there we had bad players removed but we had very few people leaving us. Point being is you clearly know im ex UKT but choose to try to stir the shit chap. Kris and his side kicks are a bunch of asshats who even back then would not play in a team if they didnt like players in it and now in control is able to dictate who gets a spot in the elite zone. Im looking for a decent clan not UKT. Now since you don't know me from adam do me a favor and stop commenting