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  1. Not sure when that started, but every tank I play, the crew is speaking Russian. Whenever I play a German, British, French or Chinese tank, the crew says everything in Russian. How can I fix this please?
  2. The list of tanks on each team disappears from the screen. In addition, I just got a new Tier 6 tank and the battle failed to load, progress bar got stuck.
  3. Trophy79

    Sound only coming through 1 headphone

    Thank you, it's annoying as hell and happens at random.
  4. Sound only coming through 1 headphone. Just started today, running the latest update.
  5. The sound seems to come out only through the right side of the headset instead of both. This happens only during battle, once battle is over, the sound goes back to both sides of the headset. I downloaded the latest update last night and it resolved it, but the issue started again this morning. Any ideas? Thank you.
  6. Trophy79

    Is 9.21.X out yet?

    Is 9.21.X out yet? Can't find a download link. Thank you.
  7. Trophy79

    Player ratings not showing up

    Thank you, it's working now.
  8. I am unable to see the player ratings (winning %) when I click the TAB button. Can someone please advise what is the option that needs to be enabled for that?
  9. Trophy79

    Install error: Unsuitable version

    Thank you, I dismissed the alert since I know it isn't a virus. Just never saw Panda responding against this program. Issue resolved!
  10. Trophy79

    Install error: Unsuitable version

    Thank you, I believe I found the right link to 1.3, I will reinstall and post as soon as it fixed. Ok, now Panda AV thinks the 1.3 installer is a virus.......................
  11. I am installing the latest update as of 11/15/2017, version # I get an "unsuitable version" error. I am able to bypass it and complete the install, however the game will not load at all once I click on Play.
  12. Trophy79

    Game Result

    I removed Battle Results Window by Ragnarocek , problem still occurs.
  13. Trophy79

    Opposing teams tank names backwards

    Same issue. Pretty annoying since it's hard to tell what tanks you're up against. I tried changing different options.....haven't had this problem with previous releases.
  14. Not sure if it's the same issue. When firing a shell at an enemy vehicle, no sound when shell leaves the muzzle.
  15. Trophy79

    Game Freezing When Returning to Garage

    Likewise. When returning to the garage, the tank shows up but nothing else. Have to 'X' out of the game and come back.

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