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  1. vasilis_74r

    ΥΚ update 9.19.1 06

    witrh the last update YK is not working beta version.. worked until 05 update Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. i dont know who is wrong or right, but i'm sure that maybe none using real values according to main mission and use of any kind of vehicles... as for example a light should take a better rank not only for dmg but for spoting and all the other help inside battle.. because this is the main mission of lights... open the map and help heavies td and arty. if the values could modify with the main usage of every type of vehicles it would be more representative sample for the real values.. of course thats my opinion...
  3. i have also big difference in WN8 in XVM and in the mods and WN8 from WoT LIFE. https://prntscr.com/fozjbd
  4. Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe added 2 minutes later what log file you want?
  5. this happened after i think 8-9 update...
  6. how i can delete YK cache? when i install aslain i delete all cache even premium installs.. i'm ticking 4 boxes from top
  7. hello fellows.. with yasen crassen the issue i have the last 4 updates is that is not working beta addons at all. so i inactivate them.
  8. was ok until update 02. my opinio find the differences between update 02 and the next. until update 02 worked fine. from 03 have the same problem.. ty
  9. same problem.. even after 05 update..
  10. i think is this? _Aslains_Installer.log added 5 minutes later or this? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. freezing.. i cant load in battle
  12. vasilis_74r


    ok i'll try to install it again
  13. vasilis_74r


    what logs?
  14. vasilis_74r


    with the last update in 31 version with Melty crosshair i had this problem.. when i change crosshair it fixed.

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