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  1. Aslain now that you're top in the Game HUB, you need to fix this. The correct translation into Portuguese for "by Default" is "por exclusão". When you write "por defeito" this means something spoiled. Count with me friend. Hugs.
  2. New Update Error

    The new update # 13 have error of installation
  3. After installing combo Autoaim Extended + Autoaim Indication+ I have crashes during the game and a useless red skirt appears around the selected enemy tank. I can not remove it.
  4. ScriptError

    I recieved this message, even after clean all.
  5. #04b corrupted

    Aslain now is appearing this message
  6. Icons Mirroring

    I have had annoying problems with update 03. The icons of the enemy tanks are reversed and now a fixed symbol of mouse prompt appears on my sight. I reversed the installation to 02 and everything went back to normal.
  7. Import and Export files

    I need a simple procedure for users with little knowledge of operating systems. Do you understand me? What I'm suggesting is that the "Import Aslains_Installer_Options.inf" option exists on the Aslain Modpack selection screen. So a user can simply copy this file into a computer and paste it into another one
  8. Import and Export files

    Please guide me. How can I create a modpack file to export that contains only the mods I've selected and import it into another computer? Can you create a facilitating tool for this? Tank you so. Tuaregue
  9. This is a problem of the game, I uninstalled mods and the problem exists also in the game clean. The gauge indicator remains green even after the tank signal is lost. This is more present for those who use a lot of automatic sight.
  10. Contour Icon Update

    Why you said "updated contour icons: Panzerschiffer, Milkym4n, Webium, Prudenter, Frost" if Webium have not icon for new tanks?
  11. Crosshair Melty

    I made this comparison using only Scorpion G with crosshair Melty for 100 battles and then using the Wargaming crosshair in another 100 battles and then I compare number of missed shots.
  12. Crosshair Melty

    I installed the crosshair Melty and found an absurd number of wrong shots.
  13. Please stop using shout box for errors and bugs

    New Crosshair Melty is causing error _onConfigLoaded ,[ERROR] [object Object] Opening white screen on battle