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    M.O.E mod still working

    Here is the link for that mod I just got it from skill4ltu stream from him so here is the link https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vRcs2oZ_umni7Frs7f-uFmOb1Ph4ascX6OJnMUV9UerfcZABtxxCoBXPZa_x9NgGE877ZrSEcp65s5j/pub?embedded=true
  2. yes Finpelti I am having problems with WoWs and I put what was wrong with it in the bug and problems section with my logs. So I was not able to read or send out chat in battle so I put it in the bugs section and added the log. So if people do that then Aslain can take a look at the problems


    Chat in battle in WoW is not working

    okay no worries I know you can only do the best you can and that there is a lot of stuff that goes along with doing a mod pack that is this big....Thanks you need to add the aslain logs file so he can look at it

    Chat in battle in WoW is not working

    I use the mod pack for world of warships and the chat in battle does not even show up and you obviously cant chat with people. The quick commands work though. But I did try to go and put the game into safe mode and the chat worked absolutely fine so something with one of the mods must be messing it up. Thanks Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip whoops wrong place suppose to put in wow sorry
  5. The Battle Observer if you put it in league or normal or what have you. But the symbols are not showing up and it was happening with the last patch that was put up also. But just wanted to point this out because that's how I tell how many heavies or mediums or arty there is. But thanks for you mod pack its always useful. Picture shows what I am talking about. I used the picture from your description part in your mod so that picture is not from my game because it wouldn't show the symbols if I used it from my game.

    Battle Observer problem

    yup that's it thanks

    Chat Mod Not Working

    Ya i think that's on the server side because many people are having that same problem and they do not even use any mods.
  8. Ya i seen that after i put up the message on the board but i forgot to put an answer for myself on the page but thank you very much well appreciated
  9. I use to see the Battle Observer damage done when you hold down the Alt. button ? But I dont see it anymore but if I am wrong then sorry for posting this. I remember Aslain typing that you had to do the Battle Observer yourself. Again maybe I am over looking something. But I enjoy to see what each person during the game has done for damage during the game at that precise time. I dont know if other people use the mod but that's just my preference i guess. Thanks Aslain

    players damage

    Ya I like the battle observer but it does not have the check box or even the text to even pick that option anymore but I put up a request also and didn't see this one.

    Display damage

    there use to be a part on non xvm hit log, players panel witch would display damage for the entire on screen game when you hit alt. it would show everyones damage at the time you hit and help alt. witch would show everybodys damage done at the time you hit alt. I do not see that anymore or it is not working? Or I just seen it under battle observer went to players panel and checked display damage and during the game it does not display the damage people during the game has done?

    Display damage

    okay thanks and I did take the extra things off I was trying to see how different things worked and didn't take some off before downloading it but thanks for helping and I just wanted to get you the pics and logs in quick but thank you for your time its well appreciated.

    Display damage

    but the damage for the the battle observer doesn't work remember that's what I was talking about and I put the other ones on there to see witch one would do that Showing of the damage done by the team and the enemy team at that time and nothing was working so that's why all that is on there cause I been trying to see why and which mod that was that did that. But obviously it is not there anymore. Also that's why I sent the pictures to see if that display damage done in the battle observer is not working because it shows in the description that it shows what damage is done by everyone. But it is not working?

    Display damage

    here is a screen shot. One when I even hit alt and the one that I don't at all also XVM is not working for some reason and this is happening quite often. But there is my logs and thanks for your help its always welcome and thank you in advance Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip

    Display damage

    sure can give me a few and you got it

    Display damage

    yes but under the battle observer it says Players panel -display detection -display damages -display HP now when I click on show description it shows the red bock around the players on the face of the battle and that re3d bocks is around all the peoples damages at that time. So the display damages is not working or at least it is not on mine? Also I have them all checked off because I use them.
  17. ya sorry I didn't come back and delete the thread I noticed it after I put up the thread and started playing thanks for getting back to me anyways
  18. I went to buy a new tank and wanted to retrain my crew for gold and it will not even light up the section for retrain for gold. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip

    Display damage

    yes you are correct. But did he remove it from the mod pack or was it just not ever put back up because I always used it and noticed it was gone like a month ago and thought maybe it was being fixed or something.
  20. the new link for the mod pack is messed up because when you click download it has a box that pops up saying do you wanna download the new yes or no and I click yes and it sends you back to the page where you download the mod again and again. So the links messed up or something and other people said its screwed up for them. Also you will not be able to open the world of tanks client when you hit play it says there is no passage way to connect.

    wont let directives be used

    sorry I forgot how I had to do that but here ya go thanks Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  22. when trying to use the directive it will only show 3 of them and will not let you scroll down to use anything but the top three on the list. You can use the first 3 directives but can not use anything below the first 3 that pop up when you open the directives. Also advanced equipment is the same way. Don't know if this is the logs you need? Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe

    Game crash

    I hear ya that happens to me quite a few times and it crashes rite at when its in the que to wait for the battle and then I have to shut the game down and restart it and it usually happens out of nowhere but it happens to me 2.
  24. it shows the average damage in the carousel but isn't showing my damage that I do on average but it did earlier today. Just letting ya know.
  25. Just messaging this to let someone or anyone know that the game freezes at the que page quite a lot of times. This has happened many times in patches in the past but it does it so just wanna give the heads up that its happening. Not sending in the files because just letting ya know.

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