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  1. GrleREB

    Aslain to Hospital

    Ok ... I made a donation. If further help is needed and if I can help in any other way just contact me.
  2. GrleREB

    Aslain to Hospital

    Hope he gets well soon ... I have a question ... if his condition is what I have read on other sources, some times ago I found a very good video series with a lot of information and complementary treating to standard medical treatment that everyone can incorporate in his daily life. So please tell me where to send those links ?!? PM of course. Hope it can help him with his recovery.
  3. GrleREB

    OTM by XVM Team

    Deleted the fonts and restarted windows, problem solved, thanx !!!
  4. GrleREB

    OTM by XVM Team

    Do I have to reinstall modpack after removing the specified font ???
  5. GrleREB

    OTM by XVM Team

    I have an issue. I installed (clean install) OTM by XVM Team which in the preview picture (I have also seen this on same players on twitch) shows a thick line (colored accordingly to the xvm colour scheme) on the left of the HP bar - see attached picture. When I'm in battle instead I have a rectangle which is empty on the inside, only the border is colored accordingly to the xvm colour scheme. So what should I do to correct this problem - the original version is more visible than the one I have.

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