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  1. ricks015

    MM to Inches.....Please

    Aslain, I have been a user of your mods for WOW, almost since the game's inception. This is the one mod us, old U.S. users NEED!! (MM to Inches) Please bring it back for each new version. We really don't care much, for the anime or a lot of non historical items : but there is so much more that is important that we use ! MM to Inches is one. Thank you..........
  2. ricks015

    Gun caliber in inches

    As a long time user of your Mod Pack for WOW, I really have no complaints, They have been more helpful than a problem. As a American player, I miss the conversion from Metric to inches. Could you please add this mod back in. It is so helpful for us non metric savvy people.......... Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.... It is appreciated so much !!

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