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  1. players damage

    is there a mod that shows the damage other players are doing while in game?
  2. Aslain to Hospital

    Get well soon. Prayers
  3. player damage in game

    never saw the older one but im good with this one was just looking for fancy colors lol
  4. player damage in game

    is this mod by Aslain or someone else? if it is Aslain would it be possible to make the numbers change color like the xvm damage log does that would make it easier to glance at to see who has better dmg just over thinking it lol
  5. player damage in game

    hhm maybe its not updated yet nothing happens with alt except above tank names
  6. player damage in game

    thanks ill check it out
  7. player damage in game

    is there a mod that shows each players damage done while in the game like by there name and updates in game? i here some ppl saying so in so is only doing this much and im wondering how they see that
  8. Clan logo

    usually you get the default logo if your logo name is not the same as the clan name, but since it worked before your saying it still maybe something to check
  9. statistic tab

    most are good it seems if there name is extra long it still does on the left compared to right panel
  10. statistic tab

    thanks Aslain appreciated your work
  11. statistic tab

    ya it is still doing it after clean installing 03 only left side weird
  12. statistic tab

    ya that was a pic from the 01 pack it still looks the same in 02 sorry was lazy and used the older pic for the installer but let me be sure ill delete all mods and reinstall
  13. statistic tab

    was wondering if you could look at the statistic tab the names are over lapping in the statistic tab for the left side thx
  14. unsuitable version?

    omg thx thats what i get for having to many mod packs in d/l dir now i feel stupid lol
  15. unsuitable version?

    i keep getting this notice when i install i tried renaming both directories to 9.19.0 and it still is doing it weird