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    404 error on reaching mods during download of mods

    Well, whatever you did, it fixed it.. Thanks Aslain.. Best response time I have ever seen.. Thanks again, and have a great day.. resolved!
  2. Aslain, First off.. I really love the work you put in on this, and this is my first issue ever since the beginning. I am having 404 errors reaching the sites during downloads. I have never had this issue before. Reinstalled the newest update from your site, so try again.. Tried not checking the mod that said 404 on.. Just went to a new 404, tried not having that one checked, did it again. Same 404 error. It would say 56.54 mb to download, then download 56.54 and give a 404 error. I can continue with install, or cancel, so i always cancel and start over. I have tried several time with always removing mods, and try again. Any advise would be appreciated greatly. added 7 minutes later Screen shot of only a single mod trying to be installed. The major renegades icons MR:V6 mod

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