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  1. Hey, I totally understand the pressure you're under with all these updates. I have tried all three mods 00-02, they all have the same problems. Sometimes it will crash coming back to the garage. The garage hanger will not keep the garage you want and keeps going back to stock garage. On the mini map the direction of your tank does not show, the turquoise line. Because of the crashing I can't use your mod. Vanilla sucks, so I pray for a speedy fix and that it will be an easy fix.
  2. sights

    I wanted to say thank you for updating Harpoon. Woohoo the really big crosshair is back!
  3. sights

    Yeah, like I said, Damocles Sword use to do the samething. I downloaded the file on the site but I couldn't get it to work. I guess you'll update them as they get updated. Have you seen any other sights that the crosshairs are large? Bigger the better.
  4. sights

    Hello, I hope you are recovering well, I'm looking for a sight that does this with the crosshair over a target. Watch the video, the crosshair gets really big when over a target. https://mod-wot.com/load/sights_for_world_of_tanks_wot/sniper_and_arcade_sight_taipan_2_for_world_of_tanks/3-1-0-315 The taipan 2, in your mod pack doesn't do this. The old Damocles Sword sight did this as well but now after the last update it doesn't anymore.
  5. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I still can't get it to work. Delete one file then copy and paste new file that was posted...
  6. Battle observer doesn't seem to be working....
  7. Having surgery?

    From Aslain's last post on updates, it sounded like he is having surgery. If you are, best wishes. I hope everything works out for ya. From a guy that has had 5 surgeries in the last three years, most people at the hospital are professional and they are there to make sure you live through it. Try not to worry about it. Make sure you get some extra blankets for your feet. The surgery room is very cold and you are going to be freezing when you get out. Best of luck and speedy recovery. And if I'm wrong never mind...
  8. Sights

    Damocles Sword Which one are you talking about?
  9. Sights

    I know, I haven't checked if it's up to date so I thought to ask. As always thank you for all your hard work, Aslain's mod pack is the best.
  10. Sights

    Have you been able to update this sight yet?
  11. Sights

    I'm playing with a rig that is 9-10 years old. It was nice back then, I have added a video card and hard drive like 3 years ago. I'm half blind in my old age and need all the extra visuals I can get...LOL
  12. Sights

    What a total bummer, wished I had some extra for him. I've been unable to work for almost 3 years now. What is he a teenager? Kinda sounds like a lot for a small mod.
  13. Sights

    Jimbos is ok, kinda arcade style. And you use the predator sights? I think jimbos + is a little bigger than others. There is one that has little squares under the + that light up green, yellow and red. To tell ya if you can pen. Do we have an ETA when battle observer will be updated? I really like that one. I haven't checked if the sword sight is working yet...
  14. Sights

    Hey, I know they just rolled out the new update 9.2. The sights I like something sword is different now. What I liked about this gun site is, when you got the crosshairs on an enemy it would show large bright penetration marker, the + was really big. Until this is updated can you suggest another sight with a large easy to see pen marker? I also miss some other mods, show alive players count and battle observer Thank you, thank you for all your hard work aslain.
  15. Protanki has a new mod

    It still doesn't work. The only thing I'm thinking is some other mod is stopping it.