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  1. Looks like 9 is a winner. Several battles, no crashing. Thanks for all your hard work.
  2. Sorry to say I'm still crashing. Using 8... I guess I'll cut out all the mods I don't really need. Still love the mod pack, keep up the good work bud. Going to give 9 a try.
  3. The mod that gives you arrows on where the enemy is, after the game is over, those arrows are still in garage and will carry over to the next battle and so on. It has happened a couple of times now. You then have to close game and restart.
  4. With no mods does it still crash to desktop? I went in and just kept the ones I really want and it went a few games and then crashed. Instead of, after every game. I'm cheering for ya Aslain's. Good luck, hope you find a solution.
  5. billyzbear

    Aslain's mod pack 100% legal?

    I showed him the link. I told him, you should eat a Snickers, you act like a troll when you are hungry.
  6. I've been dealing with a troll. He says a mod I like in the mod pack is not legal. It leaves a mark on the tank you are shooting at so you can tell where you hit it and if it penned. I call it the paint ball mod. As far as I know all the mods in the pack are 100% legal. Is there a site or something I can link this guy to, to shut him up? This troll has really gone over board in telling me I'm a cheat and so on.
  7. billyzbear

    updated Hangar Armor Inspector

    Thanks, it's working now. It's a little different than before. As always your doing a great job thanks.
  8. I looked and looked, but I could not find Hangar Armor Inspector This the one from Protanki that lets you see the armor value in the garage?
  9. billyzbear

    Enhanced Marks of Excellence

    The colors are different now, they are not red, yellow and green. They're green, blue and purple now...
  10. billyzbear

    Failure to play in SH and Offenses

    I can't do strongholds and platoon too. It's fine in randoms all day long. Looks just like that when you load in.
  11. billyzbear

    Enhanced Marks of Excellence

    I like this one better too
  12. billyzbear


    I'm glad I'm not the only one. With the tweaker, removing the clouds, would that help to have a more uniformed lighting effect? For me, I don't like that sometimes it's too bright and others it's to dark.
  13. billyzbear


    With a new update and this one is huge. We have new needs. With the lighting effects in the game, the colors are either over saturated or too dark. Personally, I think it's too much. There was an old mod, no bloom. I think that was what it was called. If you could find something that will help, I think many would thank you. As always, love the mod. Thank you very much for all your hard work.
  14. billyzbear

    hit skins in sniper mode only

    Love the mod pack, you're doing a great job. Protanki has one, I was using it for awhile, not 100% sure if it's stable. Hit skins show only in sniper circle, seems more complex than needs to be. There are some others that show only in sniper mode and there is one that's called chameleon, not sure if it's legal. http://hjundaj.com/mods/hitzones-weak-spots/hit-zones-zoom-effect-protanki

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