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  1. kingwolf

    cant minimize game

    kk will do thanks aslain.
  2. kingwolf

    cant minimize game

    so i caved and just reinstalled tanks and the mods, pain in the ass but it fixed it lol, but now my server reticule is all blurry looking for some reason :c
  3. kingwolf

    cant minimize game

    well idk if it will show up in the logs since the game doesnt actually crash lol.
  4. kingwolf

    cant minimize game

    it onyl started doing this after i updated your mod aslain :c
  5. kingwolf

    cant minimize game

    for some odd reason i cant minimize the game at all, and when i ctr+alt+del to pull up the task manager the game becomes all white and ic ant go back to it =\
  6. kingwolf

    Different DLC deletion option.

    no way to have an option for it to automatically do that? cx lol
  7. Is it possible to add an option for the installer to only delete older DLC packs instead of everything? cause i know you only update parts of your mod at a time so it would save tons of time.
  8. kingwolf

    Malware in the installer?

    lol scrub. get better anti virus software. probably form all the porn you watch and site you check. and the answer is NO. it is not aslains mod. at all. As long you downlaod thwe installer from aslain itself. So i suggest you either check the sites you're viewing, the programs you are downloading from sketchy sites, and removing ads. Install malwarebytes.
  9. kingwolf

    FPS and Ping issues

    So idk if its mods or just wargaming breaking things in general, but now all of a sudden i start getting FPS drops from 30 to like 10 and my ping jumps from 60 to 100+ anyone else been having similair issues?
  10. kingwolf

    Patch 9,7 on EU

    wrong section mate.
  11. kingwolf

    Weird ammo with Object 907

    i figured it out, apparently its gnomefathers gun sounds that were causing it o.o
  12. kingwolf

    Weird ammo with Object 907

    i cant seem to figure out which mod is causing it, i removed the one that changes the looks of the ammo and stuff,a nd it still does it.
  13. kingwolf

    Weird ammo with Object 907

    any ideas on why its doing that?
  14. so for some reason i cant load any consumables because it wont let me load ammo, this is waht it looks like:
  15. kingwolf

    jimbo reload timer

    so the only way to fix it for now is to switch reticules?

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