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  1. Arty Aiming

    I had been running mod version and installed the latest mod today. The shots from my SPG are all going wild. I'm using Battle Assistant and when I'm in Spg view and fired sometimes i wouldn't even see my shot and when I went out and zoomed back in I could fire and barely see my round hitting the ground at the edge of my screen. I got to studying and noticed when in 3rd person view my Bishop turned as desired but when I selected a target area on mini-map and went into SPG firing mode my site would move like i wanted but shots were still wild. I got to studying and noticed that my SPG hull was still facing whatever direction it was in when I went into firing mode even though i was aiming in different direction. When I pressed "G" to go out of Battle Assistant mode and back into standard top down firing that the hull would then traverse with the gun but as soon as I pressed "G" again for Battle Assistant my hull got locked again. It appears that something related to Battle Assistant is locking the hull even though the site continues to move as desired. I'm attaching a replay. 20171114_1439_uk-GB28_Bishop_34_redshire.wotreplay