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  1. No one else can help? rsrsrs @Aslain
  2. @Quaksen Ok i just send booth python.log xvm.log
  3. @Quaksen Oh Ok! Thanks for your time!
  4. @Quaksen No, because i cant find the archiver to run, what i did is download the aslain xvm only and copy and past res_mods and mods, what i am doing wrong? i want run this archiver but i cant find it kkkkkkk
  5. @Quaksen - Run special application: >> Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe << (which can be found in the game installation folder or as shortcut on your windows desktop) it will create Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip file, attach that file to your thread, it's mandatory !!! I don't need any other logs, only that particular zip file. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip can be found in game folder inside Aslains_Modpack directory. I dont have any FOLDER called aslain_modpack to find this aslain_wot_logs.zip, i mean i just download the Aslain XVM
  6. @Quaksen sorry I'm a little noob in these subjects, I could not find these files TL, DR could please please be more specific with the name the folder is open here
  7. Could you kindly specify wich files? @Quaksen
  8. Hello everyone! I just download and testing the XVM Aslain only, because i need only the XVM. But in the garage i cant see the two garage lines tanks like the vanilla client, and on configuration its marked the option too show 2 lines of tanks but its not working. https://imgur.com/a/3DqWs Can someone help me to fix this bug? @Aslain python.log xvm.log
  9. Hello, the two panels of damage are overlapping, how do I fix this?
  10. Ok, can you confirm it later please? thanks
  11. Hello, i want to remove wn8 avrg and results from table results, see the pic!
  12. Eblue

    Where i select the win %

    Oh ok,thanks!
  13. Hello guys, Where i select the win % from xvm on aslain options. thanks

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