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  1. Hello I have been playing for about a week now. I found this site and your clan post. I had one question or ideal for you. Have you checked Discord?    It is free works on windows and Mac. (I think has away to connect with a phone.) Anyways, I figure I let you know about it, oh one small thing you have to send a link to your *"Discord Server" to someone's email.    Note*: Is just what they call it it isn't like trying to setup a TS server or running a server.




    PS. Let me know I can even help set it up for you.

    If you already have this covered delete this post or i can.

  2. tcgames65

    For us old people!

    I can most like and slowly figure out the mod tool thing (but at 52 and heading to the VA hospital to get shots in my eyes and am a Gulf War Vet.) I have to use a slit screen setup to see small text, which I can't use for the game. (still trying to make it work) But if there is a modder willing to help make a heads up display for the game that would be great. I might even willing to toss you some of my disability pay. Just found the game a week ago and this site today. Thanks ahead of time for the help. Gulf War Vet. tcgames65

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