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  1. WOW Training Room ?

    I am still having issues. First off....When checked does that mean it is off or on. I pick the type of battle and how many ships and then i hit the create button. I do that and my ship will show up on team 1. At this point i move it down to the undistributed Players and that is when i have checked or left it blank in the armed box. I then pick the ships for the battle and add my ship to the list above. I am missing someing or doing something out of order because i am still getting shot at.
  2. WOW Training Room ?

    Thanks for the feedback Sir Temjin
  3. WOW Training Room ?

    Hello How does one turn off the ships shooting at you in the training room ? Thanks
  4. Unsuitable Version ?

    Yes i saw his msg.....Thank You
  5. Unsuitable Version ?

    Im in the states
  6. Unsuitable Version ?

    The options i have marked stopped working in WOW so i went to reinstall the mod and was given the following msg and i do not know what it means. Attention : Unsuitable version of the installed detected installer is intended for 6.10.0 ????
  7. Hello The other day i downloaded the mod for War Of Warships and went through the setup though today i wanted to load it the mod again to look through what was there again. I have a icon on my puter wow log archiver....I click on that and it archives whatever. I am unable to fine a file that will let me load up the program/mod again. Do i have to download it again? Thanks
  8. Hello I just installed the mod for World of Warships and i ended up with little cartoons letting me know they now see me....I would love to get rid of that but i have no idea how i load up the mod feature to make changes or do i have to re install it again to make any changes....Thanks for whatever help you might have