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  1. Sound issue ?

    Heya all Anyone else having problems with volume changing ? Every so often I hear a click and sound goes low, then a few mins later another click and sound is back to normal. I know at least one other person having the same problem. Anyone know if it's game related or mod related ? Many thanks Zoë
  2. UT Female Announcer?

    She's back
  3. Cannot use 2nd gun in Halloween mode.

    I can confirm that I use Autoaim mod - The 2.5 second option - Removed just that and left the rest of my mods intact and 2nd gun now works All the best Zoë
  4. No Female UT Announcer any more ?

    Ahhh ok. I saw the " - added UT announcer by budyx69" and assumed that meant both of them, in which case the missing female would have been a bug !! Sorry ! All the best Zoë
  5. No Female UT Announcer any more ?

    Ohh ok - I see this post was moved although I posted it in bugs as I could find no mention of it in the change log since July I think. All the best Zoë
  6. Heya all :-) Is there no Female UT Announcer any more ? Will she be coming back ? I loved that mod, especially the "Holy SHITTTT" !! All the best Zoë
  7. Just for your info, I also discovered that when using Autoequip mod at the same time as Region Changer, autoquip uses whatever settings were used in the last game in a tank, IRRESPECTIVE of which region you were playing, IOW it puts the wrong kit on if you're on the wrong server. Think I'll have 2 separate clients now and not use Region Changer. Not complaining. Just informing :-) All the best Zoë
  8. Thanks very much hun :-)
  9. Showing I'm a noob on this forum, how do I contact him ? I can see he's on this forum but is there a better way ? Facebook maybe or something ?
  10. Is the Icons thing something that is likely to be fixable ? Many thanks Zoë
  11. Ok - Wasn't sure how to use safe mode but I had the NA game 1/2 installed anyway. Finished it off and did the training bit at the start. Then reinstalled the Multi Region mod and it finally let me login. A few thing I noticed. 1. Clan and Nick icons do not appear on either server (EU or NA). (Yes I am sure the files are there ! They work fine without the multi region mod installed) 2. After successfully logging into the NA server and playing a game, it appears to have dumped all my settings for equipment on the EU (the auto equip mod). Annoying but not critical. Also - Probably not a problem of THIS modpack - Any idea how I can get XVM stats to work on BOTH NE and EU ? They only show on EU and I can't see an option to enable them on NA :-/ All the best Zoë
  12. Sure here it is. Didn't think it would be much use as the modpack itself worked fine on EU server. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. Also - I can't login to US servers It simply plays the intro video and then hangs. Vid stops then you have a "Battle button" and when you click on it nothing happens :-/ All the best Zoë
  14. Heya guys Firstly, may I say that your modpack is amazing !! REALLY well done ! Anyway - I noticed that region changer stops Clan and Nick icons from showing. Just thought I'd mention it All the best Zoë