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  1. ZoeBallz

    In Game Browser HiJack ?

    Logs from NA client Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip Just did a search. No file found - Where is it ? or which mod is it in ? Will reinstalling the modpack without the specific mod sort it ? AH - Found it
  2. ZoeBallz

    In Game Browser HiJack ?

    Just had it again while playing NA this time. Screenshot attached.
  3. ZoeBallz

    In Game Browser HiJack ?

    Well as I said I have NEVER had the problem myself before today, so it's the most likely cause. Not definite but most likely.
  4. I have never had this pop up before so it must have only been installed today when I downloaded v1.0.2.4 #03 (10-08-2018) I got an AVG alert within 3 battles saying about browser hijack blocked. I tried to take screenshot but I forgot WoT kinda takes over the printscreen button when running. I will post a printscreen if I get it again. The only mod I installed that was NEW was the "Friends Ingame Marker" one. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. ZoeBallz - cant buy tank

    I had same problem. Safe mode let me buy it
  6. ZoeBallz

    Freecam controls ?

    Heya all Just wondering if there's a page anywhere listing all the controls for the Freecam mod please ? Many thanks Zoë
  7. This is still an issue. Does anyone have ANY idea which mods might be causing it ?
  8. ZoeBallz

    Show symbol for friends in player panels

    Did anything happen with this ? It would be GREAT if it happened.
  9. Hmmm - I take my last comment back - Started happening again.
  10. Just installed version 13 - Seems to be more stable than it was but has still done it a couple of times.
  11. Map size makes no difference @AslainWhich of the mods I use MIGHT be the cause ? If you could let me know I will try running without it/them.
  12. Unless I am missing your point of course !
  13. AH - I think you may have missunderstood the problem. Look where I click on the map (around F9) and then look where the view box actually shows (D1).
  14. Standard IF/when I use it. I normally only use overhead view.
  15. @AslainThis is an example of what it does. Watch the mouse pointer when I click on Minimap.

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