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  1. Stuck in Battle loading window

    My game has "stuck" in a similar position as well. I play the game in windowed mode so I can simply hit the X button top right to kill it, restart the game and you get into the battle without penalty. Not sure if it's mod bug or game bug though, although I have heard reports of it happening with no mods at alll.
  2. It still works when the tank is not moving and you are only moving the gun side to side though. Particularly useful when the arty has a wide gun arc e.g. the CGC
  3. Arty Skills and Perks - Also useful to learn how to reset skills and perks with and without GOLD. My first ever attempt at a video tutorial so be gentle !!
  4. New Spawn Bug

    You spawned on the lake ? Did you fall in and drown when game started ? If so please send replay to JustforlolzFYI
  5. Auto Equip only 1/2 working

    Can confirm it works now
  6. Bug when you rename res_mods !?!?!

    I keep forgetting about that !! (Old school methods !!)
  7. Heya I was trying to get rid of the popup in game saying about graphics settings (but it's part of the game itself) but anyway, when I renamed res_mods and put in a blank one to see if the same thing happened without mods (which it did), ALL tank markers in game disappeared even though they were ticked in settings. Previously renaming res_mods and creating an empty one used to set game back to defaults but now it has odd effects. Is this a bug in Aslain's or a bug in the game ? Many thanks Zoë Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Heya all There seems to be a problem with Auto Equip. When I installed Aslains back onto 1.0 none of the returnable equipment was on any tanks. It allows me to put stuff on manually and it DOES remove equipment from that tanks that have it, but it does not return it when you go back to that tank. E.g. If you have just 1 toolbox and have put it on a number of tanks, it does not return it when you go back to the first tank, although it DOES remove it from the tank it's on currently. Hope I've explained this ok. All the best Zoë Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. Artillery Hit Log/Stats ?

    FInally got it to show up with x=700 y=400
  10. Artillery Hit Log/Stats ?

    What would be the position for the middle of the screen ? Cos I still can't see it. I was thinking if I can get it to the middle then I can move it to a good place once battle has started ?
  11. Artillery Hit Log/Stats ?

  12. Artillery Hit Log/Stats ?

    Yup - Found it - Installed it - Can't see where to see the stats though ? When I hit Numpad 0 it says "Resetted" so it's definitely installed but where do I find it ? I thought hitting ALT displayed it but doesn't seem to appear anywhere :/
  13. Artillery Hit Log/Stats ?

    Ok I need new glasses obviously !!!!!!
  14. Hi there I have been told the modpack contains a mod that logs artillery hits and gives stats such as what %age of total damage was cause to you by arty. Any idea which mod it is ? I've had a look through the list but unless I've missed it, I can't see anything obvious. Many thanks Zoë
  15. Sound issue ?

    Heya all Anyone else having problems with volume changing ? Every so often I hear a click and sound goes low, then a few mins later another click and sound is back to normal. I know at least one other person having the same problem. Anyone know if it's game related or mod related ? Many thanks Zoë