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  1. ZoeBallz

    There is NO CLAN ICONS

    Region changer had a few issues when I tried it. It also got confused with what different tanks on different servers were supposed to have for autoequipreturn. That's why I changed to having 3 instances of the game. Don't know if it is still an issue but it certainly used to be.
  2. ZoeBallz

    Customising SafeShot mod

    I've searched loads of pages trying to find a way to contact Jove. No luck. Any idea @Aslain ?
  3. ZoeBallz

    Customising SafeShot mod

    I had a thought that maybe it was picking up the config from one of my other instances of the game so I changed them all to different messages so I could tell which one was being read. When I played it STILL only showed the default message :/ It doesn't seem to be reading the config file at all Am I missing something ? What is "toggleMessage" ? Do I have to hit a key in game to change the message or something ?
  4. ZoeBallz

    Customising SafeShot mod

    Yes I had but it still gave the old message. <safeShotSetting> <disableKey>KEY_LALT</disableKey> <toggledDisableKey>false</toggledDisableKey> <teamShot>true</teamShot> <toggleMessage>true</toggleMessage> <ru>%s, не мешай стрелять!</ru> <en>%s, I either nearly shot you where the sun don't shine or I'm saying HEYA !</en> <deadShot>true</deadShot> <deadShotTime>2.0</deadShotTime> <longShot>false</longShot> <longShotTime>4.0</longShotTime> </safeShotSetting>
  5. ZoeBallz

    Customising SafeShot mod

    Heya all Is it possible to customise the Safeshot message ? I tried editing D:\World_of_Tanks_EU\mods\configs\safeshot\SafeShot.xml but it didn't make any difference Many thanks Zoë
  6. ZoeBallz

    Clan Icons Mod ?

    Hi all I have had a look but can't see one that is obvious. Is there a NON-XVM mod that will display clan & nick icons on the team list ? Many thanks Zoë
  7. ZoeBallz

    Female UT announcer text missing

    Ahh - Ok then. Thanks
  8. Heya I had actually forgotten about this. It's been a "bug" for blooming ages. The Female UT Announcer used to put text on the screen saying things like "Platoonmate1 has just avenged Platoonmate2" or "Platoonmate2 just avenged you". It has not done that for quite a few months now. I was wondering if the text was removed permanently for a reason or is it something that has just been overlooked ? Thanks Zoë
  9. ZoeBallz

    Arty Logs

    Do you have any news maybe @Aslain ?
  10. ZoeBallz

    Arty Logs

    Heya Arty Logs doesn't appear to have been included for quite a while. Wondering if it's coming back at some point ? Many thanks Zoë
  11. Not sure if it's the same problem but when I get a similar/same error at end of the battle, I close the battle results window and then use notifications button to re-open the battle results. I can THEN see the results properly. It's done this occasionally for me for quite a few months now.
  12. Heya all It doesn't happen often. Not sure if it's a game bug or a mod bug. SOMETIMES when I try to use my repair kit, the number keys simply do not work. The last time it happened, I had time to try the other keys before dying !! NONE of the numeric keys worked. I couldn't use repair kits or change my ammo. I know I'm not the only person to have this problem but it only happens maybe 1 in 100 battles or even less. Thought if I brought the subject up here we might be able to tie down if there is a common factor/mod to people it happens to. There's been an update since it last happened to me personally but I know someone else who says it still happens since last game updates. I'll post my logs etc next time it happens. All the best Zoë
  13. ZoeBallz

    Download problem

    I am getting PHISHING report as well using AVG. Something is definitely wrong here.
  14. ZoeBallz

    Getting kicked out of the game

    I have been told by a skin designer that the issue was caused by WG changing the compression method and not telling anyone.
  15. ZoeBallz

    Stuck logging in

    There are currently MANY skins that cause problems atm. Apparently WG changed the compression type for skins and didn't tell anyone.

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