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  1. Map size makes no difference @AslainWhich of the mods I use MIGHT be the cause ? If you could let me know I will try running without it/them.
  2. Unless I am missing your point of course !
  3. AH - I think you may have missunderstood the problem. Look where I click on the map (around F9) and then look where the view box actually shows (D1).
  4. Standard IF/when I use it. I normally only use overhead view.
  5. @AslainThis is an example of what it does. Watch the mouse pointer when I click on Minimap.
  6. Well I don't normally play vanilla, but I had 10 battles yesterday to test and it didn't happen once. With mods installed though, it happens about 5 times EVERY battle.
  7. It's probably related to a specific mod I use but you don't !! I always erase etc etc when I reinstall btw Re the "command" - If you hold the CTRL key down, you can dot around the map having a look while keeping your aim where it was. It only changes where the gun points when you release the CTRL key
  8. This is a bit of a wierd one ! When I CTRL right click on the map to change the position of the view when playing Arty, it does not always put your overhead view to the right place. Sometimes (quite often) instead of looking at the position you clicked it will simply give you a view either 1/2 way to where you wanted it, or give you a view over your own tank, OR less often picks some spot at random. It does not happen when playing in safe mode (or should I say "ALMOST safe mode" !!) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. ZoeBallz


    AH - Yes - You're right
  10. ZoeBallz


    Are there messages ? I thought it was only a sound mod !!
  11. I was playing on NA last night when it happened. UT announcer seemed to be working ok. Not sure if it happened without UT announcer. Only noticed it since #5 though. I'll try it today.
  12. Heya I have noticed that sometimes when I get shot, there is no sound of BEING shot, so unless you are watching the HP bar you have no idea you have lost HP. Normally you would hear the CLANG when someone hits you but not always. Many thanks Zoë Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. ZoeBallz

    Add BUFFON to crew ?

    Is there a mod that gets rid of "Add Buffon to your crew" ??!?!??! xxxxx Zoë
  14. ZoeBallz

    UT Female Announcer?

    Definitely - The "guy" just doesn't have the same "enthusiasm"

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