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  1. ZoeBallz

    Getting kicked out of the game

    I have been told by a skin designer that the issue was caused by WG changing the compression method and not telling anyone.
  2. ZoeBallz

    Stuck logging in

    There are currently MANY skins that cause problems atm. Apparently WG changed the compression type for skins and didn't tell anyone.
  3. ZoeBallz

    Unsuitable Version of Client error

    That is a different issue but try running the game in safe mode.
  4. ZoeBallz

    Unsuitable Version of Client error

    Actually that is a different issue.
  5. ZoeBallz

    Unsuitable Version of Client error

    I installed anyway and it all worked
  6. I moved my WoT folder to drive D instead of C at the same time as starting to use Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.1.2.0_02 The game runs just fine but whenever I run the installer I get this error. Plz see attached screenshot. I run the installer anyway and it all works fine but just thought I'd let you know.
  7. ZoeBallz

    Getting kicked out of the game

    Looks like they were right. I have not got any skins installed right this moment and no crashes since I removed them.
  8. ZoeBallz

    Getting kicked out of the game

    Something that was mentioned in a Facebook group. "Apparently" some of the tank skins are causing crashes. Not sure if it's skins IN the modpack or if it's other skins not supplied by Aslain's. Certainly I saw some strange effects with my personal skins yesterday. I have now removed them and will test later on today. Are other people with crashing problems using skins as well ?
  9. ZoeBallz

    Getting kicked out of the game

    AH - Sorry
  10. ZoeBallz

    Getting kicked out of the game

    I believe SEA server hasn't been updated yet so newest modpack won't be compatible yet.
  11. ZoeBallz

    Getting kicked out of the game

    Just had game crash in garage as well after a battle. Looked at battle results, closed results window and game crashed.
  12. ZoeBallz

    Getting kicked out of the game

    Same here. Battle loading screen first. Then when I actually saw my tank for the first time in battle, it crashed after about 3 seconds. Went back in 2nd time in safe mode and finished the battle that way. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. Heya Nothing critical but when you have a look at anything on the Combat Intelligence page, it does not remove the "unread" flag with mods running. It does remove the flags when the game is run in safe mode though. Once run in safe mode once and removing one flag, it seems to work ok after that. All the best Zoë Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. ZoeBallz

    Game start freeze

    Interesting. I don't even have that tank !
  15. ZoeBallz

    Spectator mode bit at bottom of the screen

    Hmmm - Tried this and it worked but that option also gets rid of the bit on the screen which tells you who killed you. Is it not possible to do one without the other ?

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