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  1. Mirror 1

    Mirror 1 is unreachable was forced to use mirror 2
  2. Anime Music Mod

    not really since it only plays like 4-5 songs and apperently the song it played like a second ago got looped again in 1 battle which means the song does not change which it did do with the other mod i had like 3 times katyusha in the same battle
  3. Anime Music Mod

    There used to be a anime music mod in the modpack but seems like it got removed, The one i am talking about has a resource file where it reads urls or something like that to play music. PLX BRING BACK THAT MOD <3
  4. Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    the easy part is the event hangars i am currently working on something like that right now
  5. CTD in Ansturm Mode

    Aye not only does my game crash but now all my sound is gone tho -_-
  6. CTD in Ansturm Mode

    he means PVP instead of onslought That whole event makes my client crash even whitout mods f** wg...
  7. Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    aye glad you have fun ^^
  8. Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    well for us non modders we say that it is easy until we have the code infront of our eyes, i would not say that it is simple as it loos cause you'll have to make 2 Cross's in different shapes which is pointless for just this event if it was permanent i guess modders would have been at it already but hey i don't want world of warships functions on my tanks
  9. Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    Right side of the play button is a arrow press that and then launch game in safe mode Edit: For now i am saving up all the files which have to do with the Halloween event so i can add it back in later on after the event is done
  10. Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    ok seems like i found the file now i just have to wait till the event is over then i can get my hangar to load up with the event one
  11. Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    no like i want to get the Event Hangar for hangman later on but i don't know where the files are located
  12. Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    can you post your log zip here? maybe @Aslain can check into it @Aslain it indeed was hangman :/ btw how do i get the hangar files so i can add them later on to hangman?
  13. Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    for me its not during battle join its when i just login but i'l try to remove hangman and post again
  14. So i updated all mods since i have been playing vanilla for the time being but now every time i launch the game it loads up into the hangar then freezes and then closes itself again Wonder whats causing it since it worked perfectly before the event :/ Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  15. Personal Missions Helper

    well this happened before the last small patch it even happened before 9.20 lol