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  1. SkrillexAkaCraft

    Changing color of enemy from red to...

    there is a mod which changes it from red to violet inside the modpack
  2. SkrillexAkaCraft

    Some Weird version marker on my screen ingame

    well lol when i installed the modpack alot of mods which i didn't have before where also installed which is the weird part like the contour color blind with arab numbers while i had the normal one with arab numbers
  3. straight above the personal missions tab is something saying V....... so i can barely see whats underneath it also i didn't select that during my modpack checks nor was there a option which has this available in the modpack so wonder where its comming from :/
  4. SkrillexAkaCraft

    [] Ghostman101278's Contour Icons

    seems like you made a mistake on the german tanks these flags either look like polish flags or those from austria https://gyazo.com/76d722d2c9ea1898505147762cf3a6b4 its either this one or this one your choice
  5. SkrillexAkaCraft

    My new youtube channel

    the point of the video is not the mods but thats usually what the viewers sees on first sight which means you either have to lessen/lower the mod rates or you are gonna lose viewers cause of em
  6. SkrillexAkaCraft

    Climbing tutorial

    i have to admit i have found a couple of climbs which where not even added to the mod before lel
  7. SkrillexAkaCraft

    Notification Ingame

    Would be cool to have a notification ingame if the current modpack received an update else you never will know unless you keep an eye on the forums, But it would be a good addition to add a notification for the modpack itself ingame
  8. SkrillexAkaCraft

    Mirror 1

    Mirror 1 is unreachable was forced to use mirror 2
  9. SkrillexAkaCraft

    Anime Music Mod

    not really since it only plays like 4-5 songs and apperently the song it played like a second ago got looped again in 1 battle which means the song does not change which it did do with the other mod i had like 3 times katyusha in the same battle
  10. SkrillexAkaCraft

    Anime Music Mod

    There used to be a anime music mod in the modpack but seems like it got removed, The one i am talking about has a resource file where it reads urls or something like that to play music. PLX BRING BACK THAT MOD <3
  11. SkrillexAkaCraft

    Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    the easy part is the event hangars i am currently working on something like that right now
  12. SkrillexAkaCraft

    CTD in Ansturm Mode

    Aye not only does my game crash but now all my sound is gone tho -_-
  13. SkrillexAkaCraft

    CTD in Ansturm Mode

    he means PVP instead of onslought That whole event makes my client crash even whitout mods f** wg...
  14. SkrillexAkaCraft

    Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    aye glad you have fun ^^
  15. SkrillexAkaCraft

    Game crashing after getting into the hangar

    well for us non modders we say that it is easy until we have the code infront of our eyes, i would not say that it is simple as it loos cause you'll have to make 2 Cross's in different shapes which is pointless for just this event if it was permanent i guess modders would have been at it already but hey i don't want world of warships functions on my tanks

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