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  1. battle shell cooldown buttons mod

    What is that?
  2. New crosshairs on your list.

    Like this I would imagine, MACDEN66: - http://wotsite.net/pritsely/9670-zheltyj-pritsel-dlya-world-of-tanks-ot-andre-v.html - http://wotsite.net/pritsely/12404-minimalisticheskij-pritsel-assassin-dlya-world-of-tanks.html - http://wotsite.net/lampochki-6-chuvstva/12008-ozvuchka-shestogo-chuvstva-iz-igry-call-of-duty-modern-warfare-3.html
  3. Remove Badges

    Okay, thank you. I will try it out later today. Perhaps this could be an option in the modpack?
  4. Remove Badges

    Is there a mod that can remove the ingame badges from the teamlists?
  5. The Ingame WN8 calculator

    Perhaps it is nearing the switch to use WTR instead if no one is updating it anymore :o Perhaps it will be included in the mod at some point
  6. The Ingame WN8 calculator

    Didn't change a thing, how to manually update?
  7. So I had a game in my WZ 111 5A and the ingame WN8 calculator hit 12K+ however when checking up on vbaddict it was sort of half. Does anybody know how to fix this or how to contact the developer and request some sort of fix? Edit: Seems like there was an update the 2nd of October, gonna try it out
  8. UT announcer EN male is just quacking

    Standard settings, I didn't even know there was any options
  9. UT announcer EN male is just quacking

    What do you mean by that? Are there options ingame I need to change? I did nothing ingame
  10. UT announcer EN male is just quacking

    I cleaned the folder using the tool included, redownloaded the mods, installed them, started the game using the option in the last step, the game promoted to restart which I then did. After the restart I played a round and got quacking.
  11. Please include this sixthsense based popurlar "surprise motherfucker" sound clip. It's a 10 second version with beeping every second and a special end beep. Surprise_motherfuck_6thsense.mp3
  12. When I try to use the UT announce EN male I get no announces, only quacking much like the two first quacks in this video: I have tried reinstalling and clean out the installations folder with the tool included in the modpack. Nothing seems to work. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  13. SixthSense Sound - Surprise motherf*cker

    Alrighty. Took your advice. The last beep being skipped has been fixed, and I added a special end beep. Surprise_motherfuck_6thsense.mp3
  14. SixthSense Sound - Surprise motherf*cker

    It has an end beep. If you are listening to it using Groove Music it will not play the last beep for some reason. VLC will. The beep ends at the 10 second mark. Unless there is something else wrong :o
  15. I made this for a friend and thought others might want it too. It's surprise motherfucker followed by beeping making it a 10 second version. Surprise_motherfuck_6thsense.mp3