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  1. I need some suggest

    Hi there, My name's Thierry สมัครufabet l Downloaded and installed the latest version for WOT today. I noticed that there is a much smaller section for crew voices. In particular I was after the loaders announcement of UP! when the gun is loaded and ready to fire. As a retired real tanker, that is something that mimics the real world of tankers and that I desperately want back in the game. I had it before the latest update was needed by WoT's update to 9,17.1. Is it no longer available or can it be added back in? ทางเข้าufabet suggestion would be great
  2. any suggestion

    Hi everyone ! My name's Thierry. ufabet When installing the Takao/Atago skins (by SEA Group) mod (choosing mod alone after installing other selected mods in a previous install from the same Aslains client and playing a number of games) as an additional, the IJN Atago Premium ship (with Ocean Soul camo) is not loading in port. Getting an indefinite 'Ship loading' loading icon in the port. I have ARP Takao so unselected the Arpeggio ships and selected them, both occasions the same thing happened. ARP Takeo loads fine with the mod installed, just not the Atago. สมัครufabet Had a friend install and he had the exact same thing. We both ran the installer again and unselected this mod and the Atago loaded fine in port without issue or delay. ทางเข้าufabet Thanks for the recommend.