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  1. I'm trying to isolate which mod is responsible but I cannot log in to Tanks with my standard mods since the WOT patch. The game crashes as you enter the garage. Tried turning off garage background mod and log in assistance mods and server info mods. Can only play with zero mods at this stage. Not using any really intrusive mods so confused as to what is causing it. I'm on the Asia server and they just brought in the select server options for the Australia server when that comes in next month. This is the first thing that came to mind.
  2. Mar'Dur Taren

    Images From Match Loading Screen

    Greetings. I've added a set of Anime Match Loading Screens that comes with the Aslain Mod Pack Installer. However I wanted to actually look through the images because sometimes they flick past to quickly. However I cannot find any of them in the entire WOTs directory? Are they stored as PNG files? Or do I need a "reader" to see them? How would a get a look at the screens as stills?
  3. Mar'Dur Taren

    Downloading Clan Icons

    in the past when I patched the Aslain WOT Mod Installer I would download all the clan Icons for my server. These typically display in the Player panels at the start of a match and during one. The recent patches don't seem to do this and now I can't see anything but a couple of the icons. I don't even see my own Icon. Am I missing a tick box in the setup screen or is there a way to force the installer to download all the clan icons for the server?

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