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  1. ebiznet

    [ASIA] Crash on start up

    After reading the posts above, I installed 19 and removed all pmod and wn8 references, but the game still crashed and went back to desktop. I have attached the log for your reference. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. ebiznet

    [ASIA] Crash on start up

    I should have added that I am playing on the Asian server, which is still running version 1.0.1. So I cannot use Aslain's latest Aslain's WoT ModPack v1.0.2.1 yet which is for version 1.0.2.
  3. ebiznet

    [ASIA] Crash on start up

    This is happening to me too. I am running the Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. file. When I uninstall the mod pack, the game works fine. When the mod pack is installed, the game crashes on loading and I get back to the desktop. I think some mod/s within the pack is/are causing the crash. I ran the modpack with some minimal activated mods and the game started ok.
  4. ebiznet

    Were Climbing Guides removed from pack?

    Yes, I understand. Thanks anyway for the reply and explanation
  5. ebiznet

    Were Climbing Guides removed from pack?

    Would it be too much to ask if you could make 2 versions of your package - one with and one without the climbing mod - so some of us can check it for you by using it?
  6. ebiznet

    Were Climbing Guides removed from pack?

    There were 2 mods showing climbing paths. I preferred the more colourful one Its the one with the warning that activating it might affect the framerate.
  7. ebiznet

    Were Climbing Guides removed from pack?

    Awesome! I hope so and look forward to you adding it back in again.
  8. ebiznet

    Were Climbing Guides removed from pack?

    Thanks for the reply. That's a shame. I think there are still a lot of climbs left in the game, especially the more gentle ones.
  9. Hi all There used to be a mod in Aslain's XVM Mod + ModPack Installer w/Picture & Sound Preview to enable climbing guides in WoT. Toggling this mod on would display lines to show paths up slopes and hills. I found this mod very useful. Since the 0.9.21 mod packs, I have noticed this mod is absent. Is it tucked away somewhere or has it been removed, and why?

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