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  1. Were Climbing Guides removed from pack?

    There were 2 mods showing climbing paths. I preferred the more colourful one Its the one with the warning that activating it might affect the framerate.
  2. Were Climbing Guides removed from pack?

    Awesome! I hope so and look forward to you adding it back in again.
  3. Were Climbing Guides removed from pack?

    Thanks for the reply. That's a shame. I think there are still a lot of climbs left in the game, especially the more gentle ones.
  4. Hi all There used to be a mod in Aslain's XVM Mod + ModPack Installer w/Picture & Sound Preview to enable climbing guides in WoT. Toggling this mod on would display lines to show paths up slopes and hills. I found this mod very useful. Since the 0.9.21 mod packs, I have noticed this mod is absent. Is it tucked away somewhere or has it been removed, and why?