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  1. Problems with WOT download

    original message should have read, sry
  2. Problems with WOT download

    found Downloads for World of Tanks in the Reveal Hidden Contents. Downloaded and installed Re-Installed WOT STILL get this error message: Game Resource path does not exist: ./res/mods/ This is v.9.19.1_09 from link#1
  3. Problems with WOT download

    thanks Quaksen, I'll try that now
  4. Problems with WOT download

    The error message says: Game Resource path does not exist: ./res/mods/
  5. Problems with WOT download

    I am able to play WOT without the MOD and WOT says that I am playing the current 9.19.1 client Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Hi Aslain, I get this error message when trying to install your updated WOT mod, please assist