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  1. Issue with battle score

    I had this issue for months...maybe it is xvm. If someone have the same problem I would like to hear. Tnx Aslain.
  2. Hi, without mods I have number of damage in score window but with mods there is only stun score. I don't know which mod is causing this. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. #5 stable so far...cheers.
  4. Just crashed with #4...tell me what to disable, this is pain in the ass.
  5. Just tell me it was xvm or something else? ifirsd said that is xvm, is it or not? Now its crashing on 1 click, should I reinstall whole game?
  6. I'm sorry bu it crashed again, I was dead and when game was over it crashed. I was on my friends acc that don't have xvm.
  7. Thanks Aslain, this all wasn't your fault but we were pissed.
  8. They released 7.3.1 version of xvm.
  9. With this #3 version don't crash so far...we'll see.
  10. Crashing even when I click for other tank.
  11. I played without mods 2 days after game update and it wasn't crashing.
  12. Nope, crashing still, now its crashing when I'm killed, I don't even see the end of the game. Aslain, you saw from log which mods I'm using, what to delete?
  13. Ok, I was just wondering. Thanks.