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  1. Crashing to Desktop

    Nope, crashing still, now its crashing when I'm killed, I don't even see the end of the game. Aslain, you saw from log which mods I'm using, what to delete?
  2. Crashing to Desktop

    Ok, I was just wondering. Thanks.
  3. Crashing to Desktop

    One question more so I don't open topic for that only. recently i have some orange text before I log in and it says "Expoint mods.com" or something, I went on their website but everything is on russian and i don't know for what mod that is stands for?
  4. Crashing to Desktop

    Yes, I always check the same options but sometimes they resets and I must to check them all over again. How can I save settings that I managed now so that I can restore it later with 1 click if I reinstall game or something? Ok, thanks.
  5. Crashing to Desktop

    Ok, now i did this: I uninstall xvm with revo uninstaller, than I opened WOT folder and type "xvm" and delete all,, than I used aslains uninstaller from game folder and uninstall whole mod pack,, than I installed it again and it's not crashing for now. Can you just tell me how to backup my settings so that I can restore it later if I lose settings?
  6. Crashing to Desktop

    Well I'm not 100% sure but: 1. I played with friend in platoon and he don't have xvm and it wasn't crashing while he was playing. 2. I log in to his account and it doesn't crashing.
  7. Crashing to Desktop

    It is xvm.
  8. Crashing to Desktop

    Probably,, as i see there is no XVM for new version. Now I play in platoon and it's not crashing last 7-8 games. Edit, one of my teammates don't have xvm and it wasn't crashing while he was playing, when he left it's crashing again.
  9. Crashing to Desktop

    Crashing after every game, it can't show battle results: Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. Couple updates for mod pack

    Sorry if I said aimbot, I didn't mean on forbidden aimbot but generally on all mods that people don't like like hit zones, autoaim (that is what I meant)...and so on, I now that your mod pack don't have forbidden mods but some people don't like some mods because they are advantage for enemies like any other mod pack ...but that on side, it's not important. I downloaded some of this, I don't know witch one: http://worldof-tanks.com/category/minimap/
  11. Couple updates for mod pack

    Hi, remember me? I'm using mod pack regulary for months now and I tried most of it, I didn't want that aimbot and cheats but never mind. What I liked but it's outdated is Hd minimap and Historical crew ...I like this mods but minimap in mod pack is not Hd in every map, Crew is not complete, some members of crew are from game (vanilla) so it's not look good. I downloaded and using this Hd maps for months now, they don't need update except that I must change number of current game after every update. I don't remember where i downloaded this mod but it would be awesome that it's in the mod pack. Cheers. Hd_mapa.rar
  12. Bugs

    Hi, me again. Just to tell you that all works fine now with this new update. Thanks again.
  13. Bugs

    That is not the point. Obviously is some file somewhere that is corrupt and that's why the mod have bugs in my game, I don't say that is mod by itself bad, but somewhere in my system is some confusion and mod can't be installed properly and work normal. Maybe some registry key is corrupted, I don't know. Today I reinstalled mod again but this time i installed only Camo manager and bugs are the same. Just to say that the mod was worked properly when I installed it for the first time. It would be great if you could make separate couple mods from mod pack, for example standalone camo manager, or country flags on players panel and chat...etc.
  14. Bugs

    I just reinstalled both, game and mod, it's still the same (mini maps hd not working also with me). Aslains_WoT_Logs (3).zip Edit, Before installation I deleted all from App data (the whole folder world of tanks) and when I started mod again there were all options checked like I did before, SO there must be some more files other than app data because it remembers all options in installer.
  15. Bugs

    I'll delete all and reinstall whole game and mod so we'll see. I'll get back with news tonight. Cheers.