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  1. Does someone know in MMmonitor which stat the color of player's name is referred to??
  2. Ah ok... Thx once again.
  3. I know you were talking about another thing but I'm curious to understand which was because suddenly I'm afraid there is a place where one can change settings that maybe I don't know... Maybe I need to sleep more in this period :), but I can't understand what is the one you called "player panel" and where is nor which is the "installer" you said (aslain modpack's or wows' one?)...
  4. I've checked out but couldn't find it but the one near minimap... Would you please post a screenshot about the places of gear icon and shrink option you talked about?
  5. Well I hope so. I've tried to ask the author but his site's link into Aslain modpack leads to a thread in WoWs Russian forum and I can't understand anything over there!! Anyway thx once again for help.
  6. Thx mate! Would you know how to manage dimensions and spacing of the top panel's ship icons too? It's just what I asked in my first post...
  7. Will try but I'm already using another mod for that purpose and unfortunately it's not enough to solve the issue... I need to move ribbons below a little bit.
  8. I'm using the "Class panel with small bars 2.0" mod by BADoBEST from Aslain modpack but the last version has bars too big and icons too spaced so on red team's side they are getting hidden by ribbons and having the mod this way became almost useless. Does someone knows how either to move ribbons lower and/or to reduce bars and icon spaces back? Thx in advance for any help.
  9. Despite I've installed the Matchmaker Monitor mod the browser window with MM stats doesn't open when the battle starts as opposed to expected. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip

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