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  1. Yankee Raider


    You are right. I missed it. Thanks much
  2. Yankee Raider


    I looked at old forums & didn't see an answer. I've downloaded a few items from Aslains and 3 of the four showed up in game. the only mod not seeing is the Kraken crosshair. Do I need to selectit ingame. went to settings & nothing in crosshair selection. Any experience?
  3. Yankee Raider

    Error on install

    I tried installing aislans without success several times before the WOW update 6.10.1 and then today after. I get thorough the download, install and picking mods & finish. About 3-5 seconds after I hit finish I get an error " exception Eaccess violation in module Aslain @ 03142E38 Access violation at address 03143E38. The only difference is prior to the 06.10.1 update the error address was 03162E38 & violation @ 03163E38. Nothing is installed in the game but I see the various Aslains folders in the WOW program. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Could really use a new sight . Thanks up front. *5 games later* UPDATE* Some of the mods have shown up in game, but not all.
  4. Yankee Raider

    error in download

    Cpy/paste didn't work for me. I'll just wait for update. hope all's well with the boss. added 6 minutes later rename didn't work either. I'll just wait for a Aslain update. Thank you for your help
  5. Yankee Raider

    error in download

    So I copy the Aslain folder and paste to the WOW folder? added 0 minutes later
  6. Yankee Raider

    error in download

    During my download of WOW Modpack I got a pop up prior to pack selection that said mudpack was designed for 6.10.0. I hit enter & it gave me the pack selection screen and I selected my mods. After install I got an error Exception EAccess violation in module Aslain address 03163E38. All else seemed Ok. Logged into game and no mods. I did a clean install of WOW and Aslain modpack with same result. Help, I need some mods. Thanks in advance.

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