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  1. Zoraxx

    Mini Map Ship colors

    Hi Aslain, I kind of hate to ask, however I was just wondering if you have had a chance to look into this? Thanks again,
  2. Zoraxx

    Mini Map Ship colors

    I appreciate the response Aslain, I have the file that you created for him back then and I will include it here if that helps you at all. Thanks again, minimap.swf
  3. Zoraxx

    Mini Map Ship colors

    I saw last year you created a custom minimap ship color mod for someone. I have the same difficulty seeing the current red color used on the mini map because of vision impairments. Will this mod still work with 0.7.4 or would you be willing to update or create a mod that has different colors like you did previously? I would be happy to compensate you for this. Thank you,
  4. Here is my log file as requested. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip Thanks,
  5. Same here. I also reinstalled mods without using any of the minimap options and there is still no land mass.
  6. Zoraxx

    More visible torpedos in water mod

    Are there plans on putting more visible torpedos in water mod back in or a new one created? This mod really helped me out a lot and I surely do miss it. Thanks,
  7. Zoraxx

    More visible torpedos in water mod

    I really miss this mod as well. I hope it gets updated and put back or a new one is created. Thanks,

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