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  1. Top Bar Mods

    Thank you very much Aslain!
  2. Top Bar Mods

    Yes I did, it says that the side panels will not be visible, which is what's happening. However, in previous versions of the modpack, the side panels are visible with the top-bar mod installed. I am asking for a way to revert to that previous behavior.
  3. Top Bar Mods

    Previously, the BADoEST top bar mod (v.2.0) would be displayed without hiding the side panels. With the newest update, it somehow removes the side panels, is there a way to revert this? And to preempt anyone telling to just use v.1.0, v1.0 lacks the icon which displays whether a ship has been spotted or not, which is very useful.
  4. After updating to, the KanColle Ship Preview Mod stopped working for the compact carousel when it used to work before. Everything else seems to work as it should.