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  1. i think there was bug that safe mode wasnt safe , maybe same issue still in this current wot update
  2. Ma7rix

    Battle observer

    its under investigation now seems there is already new version, tested it with one replay seems to work now
  3. Ma7rix

    Battle observer

    I have also send him personal message via xvm forum, the problem is also noticed in russian WOT forum
  4. Ma7rix

    Battle observer

    anyone else having problem with new battle observer version? I dont see alive count or total damage/spotted status in clan wars but it seems to work in random games. I have also wrote about this to xvm forum other mod section where is BO thread.
  5. that BO mod is now updated, so Aslain can update his pack now
  6. If your CW gets stuck this way , the reason is most likely the Battle Observer Mod, try to remove it and check for instance replay of game if you have replays stored. I have asked this thing from mod developer in xvm forum, but havent got any answer yet. In my clan 3 players had this same problem, one cw was spoiled by this totally, yesterday I played cw without BO mod and no problems, also replays work without that mod.-
  7. remove battle observer and try, I think its the reason

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