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  1. mrblueskye

    Regen Assistant - Nueve de Julio

    Those files seem to fix the issue. Thanks.
  2. In latest mod pack Regen Assistant got an update. Not sure what it was for; may have been a fix for Boise not displaying maximum heal potential as well as actual heal. In any case, just wanted to highlight that maximum heal potential for NdJ isn't displayed. I've attached logs, screenshots and a replay. Archive_Logs_etc.zip
  3. mrblueskye

    Navigator Hootorez Style

    I would say not. I checked my replays folder and all I found were fragments from when the game finally lets me in and my ship is sunk and everything looks normal. Not sure why the fragments from previous attempts to join the game don't show up. I can only assume that when you disconnect and restart the client to join the same game it overwrites the previous replay file (fragment). I've attached the fragments though I don't think they'll tell you much. I'll try and replicate in co-op and let the game run it's course and that way I don't ruin my team's game entirely by being afk. Replay.zip
  4. Using Hootrez Style Navigator instead of standard seems to produce a crash when trying to take a CV into game. I've had this happen with Lexington (Ranked) and Bogue (Random). Initially you don't load into the game and restarting the client lets you in but you can't see any ships or planes on the map view. Repeated client restarts during the game give the same result until ship is dead and game then displays correctly in spectator mode. Reverting to the standard Navigator (centred) in combination with the other selected mods seems to be OK; played three CV games (different ships) in a row without incident. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  5. mrblueskye

    Regen Assistant

    I was going to report the same thing for the Nueve de Julio but since it's essentially the same ship I won't.
  6. mrblueskye

    Camouflage Remover

    Strange WG hasn't provided a filter for this. I turn all that other stuff off and I'd love to turn this stuff off too. I have posted about it in the forums but I'm not gonna hold my breath.
  7. mrblueskye

    Camouflage Remover

    Had a look at the game files. The Dunkirk, Richelieu and Gascogne actually have separate, modified files linked to the special camouflages. Don't think the camouflage remover alone will do the trick. They would need to be modded out in the same way the Arpeggio ships can be taken out by using the Mebius No Manga mod. Hope someone will be able to do this or WG could add a filter like the ones for North Cape, Bismarck, Dragon ships etc.
  8. mrblueskye

    Camouflage Remover

    No problem. I run custom skins on most of my ships and have a custom skin installed for Richelieu. However, as you can see in this game, the Richelieu sports the Maid of Orleans camouflage and it obscures most of the custom skin. It's easier to see in the attached screenshot from the same game. 20180317_143216_PFSB508-Gascogne_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay
  9. mrblueskye

    Camouflage Remover

    Does not seem to hide/remove the new French reward (Maid of Orleans) camouflage for Richelieu and Gascogne. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  10. Preview picture shows yellow mouse pointers. However, in-game they are green. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  11. mrblueskye

    Port UI Issues - NA client

    OK. Thanks for taking a look. It's a strange one. Looks like the NA client is trying to look up the EU versions of the information as the errors have EU in the text. Any ideas?
  12. I have both EU and NA client installed on the same drive but in different folders. EU client seems fine now with latest version of the Modpack. However, with the NA client, installing the exact same profile of mods causes glitches in the port UI. Specifically, the clan tab, premium shop drop down, the inventory drop down and the news drop down give an error message and do not load the usual information. In addition the tech tree tab shows an empty tree no matter the nation selected. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip

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