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  1. Will wait for another version, if it will fix it. This one does not work too. So I am sticking to Webium atm. I do not want to test each mod to see which does it. Throughout the versions I was still using same mods, and it worked, now it does not. Dunno where is problem, though the logs will tell you, cause I don't know what they mean, just saw big number of errors.
  2. Then why other modpacks with identic mods work?
  3. Ameli1-cz

    Changing only certain parts of the mod

    It remembers your previous settings.
  4. It is probably definitelly caused by your modpack, because when I open game without mods, it seems to work just fine. Reinstalled, unmarked zj reload, but still doesn't work. /edit: Downloaded webium modpack, problem not occuring, but I still hope you can help me, I am more used to yours modpack.
  5. Game insta freezes few seconds after startup. Really hella annoying. Probably happens after updating mods. I do something, like wait for special battle, game freezes and gets back in time. Like battle is going to start in 2 mins, but on freezed screen there is 2:30. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  6. Ameli1-cz

    Massive ingame lags

    Will try defragging, it does not do this in every battle and I do have notebook with 7200RPM HDD. I play on minimum settings but on HD client. I don't have problem with FPS, I have problem with these lags. As I said, they appear somehow not regularly, in some battle I get 3 of them, but then I play 10 battles without them or then I play 3 battles with 1 each game. Dunno if defrag will help me, the PC was reinstalled on last friday, but I downloaded lots of stuff since then.
  7. Ameli1-cz

    Massive ingame lags

    Hello, I don't know why, but I am getting massive in game lags. Normally game is going smoothly around 70 FPS, then at some point, lag appears, IDK if some factor like spotted vehicle does it, but it is very annoying. Everytime it happens I go ATL + TAB and back to game and it disappears. Happens like 3-4 times per battle. I have freshly reinstalled PC, so I was not overwriting any mods. Thanks, Ameli. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  8. Hi Aslain, I made translation to Czech language, it should be up to date with version 4.3.5 Hope it will be okay, took me a while :) CZ translation 4.3.5.rar
  9. Ameli1-cz

    Spot indicators

    Hi Aslain, I have problems with spot indicators. At the moment, your modpack contains 2 spot indicators, and you can choose just one of them, that is good. I choose the one with tank names and when I launch game I have both of them, which I really don't like and it distracts me. Thanks, Ameli.
  10. Oh, then sorry for that. This mod works for me, but I actually install it through another modpack. Idk if you know Webium. He is Slovak. It is from his modpack. http://www.mywotmods.com/sk/mody/balicky-modov/item/25-webium-mod-pack The modpack download link is down on that page, IDK if you can somehow use it from his modpack. He has pretty cool modpack too, but I like yours more, cause it is better organised and I am more used to it.
  11. Hi, I have seen, that you have added few new translations into your modpack. I don't know how it is done so I am writing here, I would like to translate your modpack into Czech language, if it is possible. Thanks, Ameli1-cz.
  12. Hi I have request on you and that is, if you could add this soundmod to you modpack. This soundmod quotes from Czech and Slovak films and serials. It will replace the speeches e.g. when you hit (pentetrate/bounce), kill someone, when you get hit or killed. It is rather funny and I think, that your Czech and Slovak community would enjoy it :) Thanks, Ameli. The file is from version 0.9.11 but it should work fine. Hlášky z filmů a seriálů WoT (0.9.11).rar
  13. Ameli1-cz

    Several bugs - v3.9.27 (01-11-2014)

    Now I am not getting texture of trees and bushes and I haven't done anything, these mods are seriously maximally bugged. I like you modpack, but this is really bad :(

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