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  1. A Clanmate & I both got Thpe 59 in Christmas giftboxes and noticed that they had different stats in garage - mine has 50 shell capacity and 2.3 s aim time and his had 34 shelll capacity and 2.9 s aim time. Only difference was that he had a Type 59 skin enabled (pre 9.20.1 buff) After starting game in safe mode he was then able to load 50 shells (and stayed with 50 shells after reenabling mods. Don't know whether the in-game performance was actually affected (aim time, gun dispersion stats), but it looks like the skin may have prevented increased shell loadout caused displaying of pre-buff stats in garage. I think the installed modpack version was v., but unless changes have been made to Type 59 skin then issue may still persist. As my clanmate has already updated his ammo capacity by starting with mods enabled, we really can't replicate the issue anymore. Is it possible for skins to change in-garage stats? Is there anyone that has Type 59 with 34 ammo capacity and 2.9 s aim time when viewed in garage? Think the skin that he had enabled was "Type 59 > T-54Am Remodel (Milkym4n)" Link to WG (Asian) Forum thread: http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/78635-wg-giving-pre-buff-type-59-in-some-gift-boxes/
  2. It crashed with no mods selected (for me anyway).
  3. That's probably right. This thread only started an hour after ASIA server game back from 9.20.1 upgrade this morning.
  4. I don't know if it's related to any particular mod. I installed with every option unselected\unchecked and still game crashes when loading into garage.