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  1. take note that two folders should be renamed: World of Tanks/mods/ World of Tanks/res_mods/
  2. thanks will check without ATAC. otherwise must be some bug with BO. anyone else getting the same issue?
  3. in random battles, on first launch of the game the Tank Icon Class below the Team HP appears. after a few battles it suddenly disappears. i need to restart WOT for it to appear again. its very random no particular number or how many times, sometimes 3 games the icons is there and 4th game it disappears. if im not mistaken this is BO mod. screenshot WITH the Tank Icon Class Below Team HP: screenshot WITHOUT the Tank Icon Class Below Team HP: wot log attached for aslain and dev's perusal. thanks for the wonderful work! - g Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. update to latest: Downloads for World of Tanks Aslain's WoT ModPack v9.20.1.2 #00 (~115 MB) (experimental not checked modpack!)
  5. works very well on my install config; except invalid zip file after install. will play few more games and report back here. thanks for the quick response just minutes after the update
  6. 1. confirmed on my install. xvm works and loads(doesnt crash to desktop). 2. auto aim enabled in installation will STILL NOT able your tank to SHOOT or FIRE your cannons. 3. Countour icons still in conflict with damage panel
  7. enemy direction works fine on mine.
  8. neva check this: i have compiled my issues and answers to which causes and what. cheers! my aslain install works fine or functional now. i wonder how i can send you my list of mods installed. then just add what you want and see if there are issues.
  9. a collection of most common problem/issues with the ASIA recent update. common answers to issues. answers not guaranteed as other mods will/may also affect other functionalities: Q: WOT crashes to desktop when reaching the "synchronizing..." page? A: disable/uncheck the entire "The XVM section". Q: Turret not moving? A: uncheck "Enable horizontal...: and "Armour Penetration.." Q: Damage panel not working? A: uncheck "Vehicle Contour Icons". Q: I cannot FIRE my cannon? A: uncheck entire "AIm Helping mods"
  10. got it solved. time consuming but strange as it is when i unchecked the entire "vehicle Contour Icons, the damage panel works.
  11. same issue. i was able to move the turret fine by unchecking the entire CROSSHAIR mods. im still checking one by one what causes the damage control panel not working. even the speedometer of the tank doesnt move even youre moving.

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