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  1. Valtubac

    Have to quit client after each battle

    Have the same :/
  2. Valtubac

    bad screen

    Thanks, i look
  3. Valtubac

    bad screen

    Hello, I have a problem since version 7, the battle starts but I can not act on the tank, I see it below and I am forced to relaunch the game in mod without fail. I'm attaching the Python file that reports errors as well as a screeshot of my tank in battle python.log
  4. Valtubac

    No sound

    Thank you, I found the problem, after installation of the pack, the general volume is 0 so it must go to the desired level and everything is fine.
  5. Valtubac

    No sound

    Hello, I have a problem with sound, when I play, no tank sound or ambient while the parameters are in the morning. What to do? Thank you

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