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  1. andy22

    File missing see image

    OOoooops....new computer has just been built, nex installation and some things get overlooked....like this. Thanks.
  2. andy22

    File missing see image

    Maybe not so OK. I have down loaded a few times now and tried various setups and cant seem to get the side panels to work. Any ideas why?
  3. andy22

    File missing see image

    OK ...working thxs.
  4. Hi, Since update v.7.2.1_06 & v.7.2.1_07 the top panel info appears down right top of screen and the side panels have disappered. Am I missing something as I cannot get them to reappear. Thanks. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  5. Retried again last night....Looks like problem might be it does not like starting WoT direct from the installer. Waiting until installer has closed and then starting WoT has fixed problem.
  6. Hi, Great modpack which I have only just started to use afters years playing WoT. Unitl now I have downloaded mods from all over the place....and Grandpa is slow with his xvm update. Problem is that Aslain WoT is not compatible with JoytoKey which I have to use due to finger problems. Before writing this post I have already tried the following. 1) Running WoT no mods - no problem 2) Running WoT with Aslain and xvm plus other mods and JoytoKey did not work - keyboard commands was OK 3)Downloaded latest version of Joytokey 5.9 and problem persisted. 4)Removed all mods and xvm choices from Aslain installer and tried again - still not working. _Aslains_Installer_CompList as follows World of Tanks folder? ->> Yes Clean res_mods folder? ->> Yes, FULL Current date: 28-10-2017 and time: 14:50:46 Build date: 28-10-2017 Mod-Pack Installer by Aslain Version: Installed on: EU Client ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Destination location: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks Setup type: Custom installation Additional tasks: Installation options Delete all previous mods from the game (strongly advised) Delete Python logs (advised) Delete game caches Delete files downloaded by installer (Aslains_DLC_cache folder) Create applications shortcut on desktop 5) Unistalled Aslain via Windows uninstaller and now Wot with Joytokey works! I really want to use your modpack as you have good xvm, garage and sword of damokles mods. Please help. thanks

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