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  1. Interface2037

    Mirror still not fixed

    Works for me
  2. Interface2037

    Today Update is complete ****

    No problems all with latest updates. Show some gratitude.
  3. Interface2037

    Mirror still not fixed

  4. Interface2037

    Mirror still not fixed

    Is this and the xvm stats under TAB fixed in #11? Thx for great work
  5. Interface2037

    Map Rotation mod - how to reset?

  6. Can’t find how to reset it manually other than when updating the modpack. Any ideas? thanks
  7. Interface2037

    Safeshot mod from Oldskool

    Thought this could be interesting :) https://wgmods.net/1035/
  8. I got tremendous lags in the garage since the update. Perhaps it’s related.
  9. Interface2037

    win chance

    That is has started working for them as well?
  10. Interface2037

    win chance

    Started working for some reason. Has anyone else noticed this?
  11. Interface2037

    In-game clock doesn’t work

    The in-game clock doesn’t work even if selected in the installer. I find nothing in the logs related to that mod. Thanks
  12. Interface2037

    Missing tech trees.

    Try removing all tech-tree mods.
  13. Interface2037

    Unknown crash to desktop bug.

    Yep. Unchecking Zorganes sound mod did the trick. And live with tedious vanilla sounds for a while :)
  14. Interface2037

    Info Panel OldSkool

    Yes but the lines won’t change. Have the same problem.
  15. OldSkools Tank Info Panel https://wgmods.net/1029/ thanks Edit, it’s included in the latest modpack so I assume it’s safe. I tried it in a few battles. Only thing I noticed was that the text (for Hull Armor) were misplaced and that the alt-function is not functioning

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