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  1. XVM issues

    I have a problem with XVMs contact list comment function. I can’t add not edit comments on my clanmates anymore. I’ve been to modxm.com and found no info there. Can’t create a topic because everything is in Russian. Any ideas? Can they block users for commenting in the contact list ?!
  2. Yasenkrasen beta not working anymore

    I can understand that. But it works now. It seems to have been the mod a Last Shot who caused YK not to work properly. When I disable Last Shot everything works fine.
  3. Beta functions doesn’t work anymore. Not with the latest working mod pack (09) or the newest (11b) also seems to be issues with graphical messages (tested it twice, does not work as well) thanks
  4. bad gateway

    Same here
  5. Blocked Intrusion

    Thanks for letting us know. Appreciate it.
  6. Blocked Intrusion

    Yes I think it would be safest that way.
  7. Blocked Intrusion

    What parts of Aslains modpack is related to Ekspoint? is there anything we can disable to be able to continue using the modpack?
  8. Blocked Intrusion

    Same here I’m afraid. Norton AV prevented several intrusion attempts.
  9. Possible Virus Detection in Mod Pack

    Actually it might be right. Today my Norton Firewall blocked intrusion attempts from Poland while playing World of Tanks.
  10. YasenKrasen addons not working

    Ok, I’ll do that. I downloaded the latest version but it’s still not working. Thx edit: disabled all garage mods and it works now but I can’t pinpoint which mod that exactly caused the conflict.
  11. YasenKrasen addons not working

    Hi! Can report that Yasenkrasen Beta functions does not work anymore after installing mod pack 02 any ideas ?
  12. Harpoon Crosshair (RU)?

    Okey thanks
  13. Harpoon Crosshair (RU)?

    Hi, ive noticed that Harpoon crosshair is available again in Aslains modpack but i just wonder if it is only a Russian version? Since it says “RU” in parenthesis. Thanks for a great modpack and work!
  14. Wn8 Carousel issue

    After I updated to version 5 of the modpack it works again
  15. Wn8 Carousel issue

    It’s every tank in the garage. Before it was just the new Chinese TD line who had this issue. I’m not at my computer right now but I will post log files later. Perhaps someone could check if it works by installing the mod and the carousel options. I think it has something to do with the change of expected wn8 values.