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  1. Interface2037

    Removal of XVM

    True but you won’t have the ability to make XVM make the Win chance prognosis anymore if some or even all players are hiding your stats. Also, hiding your nickname would be like fighting bots. A lot of the competition part of WoT will die. Just think about all pro players who have WN8 as an important thing to measure progress in the game.
  2. Interface2037

    Removal of XVM

    https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/things-to-come-2019/ See the “classified” video at the bottom of the article.
  3. Interface2037

    Removal of XVM

    As the topic says. WG are actually going to remove XVM from the game. Like hide you stats and nickname. I guess that will be a game changer.
  4. Interface2037

    effectiveness of the armor of the tank that we use

    Too bad, I really liked this one
  5. Interface2037

    Random CTDs

    26 games and one CTD unfortunately.
  6. Interface2037


    Awesome, Aslain! It’s really good and has lots of useful macros.The only issue I had was that it isn’t movable so it overlaps the xvm hitlog. Easy to fix in the xvm configurations though.
  7. Interface2037


    Ok after an hour of testing I could confirm that the lags does indeed disappear when removing Inbattle Wn8 Calculator. I use Racjels similar mod instead; http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/691120-12022018-12-04-in-battle-statistics-by-rajcel/page__pid__16410980#entry16410980
  8. Interface2037


    It’s the updated InBattle WN8/EFF Calculator who causes it. Everything fine when disabled.
  9. Interface2037


    What about mugzy’s logs above?
  10. Interface2037


    #01 works without lags. Perhaps it is some updated mod in 02 that causes the problems?
  11. Interface2037

    Lags with #02

    There is severe lag issues with #02. At start and as soon as a tank is destroyed the game freezes completely for a few seconds. Anyone else experiencing this? Works fine with #01
  12. Interface2037

    30-40 FPS with modpack 100+ FPS without

    Interesting. I removed personal mission helper and got higher fps. I didn’t notice it or thought about it before discovering this great post. Thx
  13. Interface2037

    the setting pop up freezes game.

    Settings gets stuck and I I’ve to alt f4. Also you can’t see all options.
  14. Interface2037

    Have to quit client after each battle

    Seems to affect other crosshairs as well. I used ProTanki’s . I guess it has something to do with the Halloween event. So our favorite crosshairs will work again after this crap ends....

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