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  1. Interface2037

    In-game clock doesn’t work

    The in-game clock doesn’t work even if selected in the installer. I find nothing in the logs related to that mod. Thanks
  2. Interface2037

    Missing tech trees.

    Try removing all tech-tree mods.
  3. Interface2037

    Unknown crash to desktop bug.

    Yep. Unchecking Zorganes sound mod did the trick. And live with tedious vanilla sounds for a while :)
  4. Interface2037

    WN8 chat colors incorrect

    Hi, have the colors based on wn8 been changed? Shows different now. Some purple players has become blue etc thanks
  5. Interface2037

    Info Panel OldSkool

    Yes but the lines won’t change. Have the same problem.
  6. OldSkools Tank Info Panel https://wgmods.net/1029/ thanks Edit, it’s included in the latest modpack so I assume it’s safe. I tried it in a few battles. Only thing I noticed was that the text (for Hull Armor) were misplaced and that the alt-function is not functioning
  7. Sadly with #02 the crashes have come back in force Tried running #01 again. Still happens with same frequency. So using #01 didn’t help.
  8. Two CTDs yesterday with After a match, both when using Italian vehicles.
  9. Interface2037

    WN8 chat colors incorrect

    Also, my own and some other players average tier is “0” in all XVM lists.
  10. Interface2037

    WN8 chat colors incorrect

    The colors shown in chat are XVM original. But does not correspond to the colors in the list of players because i use Wotlabs colors.
  11. Interface2037

    XVM info on panels not shown

    Are you on a PC? If so, the folder must exist. But it can be hidden so try disable that feature in Windows.
  12. Interface2037

    WN8 chat colors incorrect

    Seems like I got it wrong. It’s only in the chat. I use the WoTlabs rating scale and the older version of Colorized chat used that scale as well but seems to have switched over to the original XVM one. So it’s not a bug
  13. Interface2037

    WN8 chat colors incorrect

    Colorize battlechat mod seems to be the cause.
  14. Interface2037

    Hi, just wanted to say that moving the content from to the new folders created today doesn’t work, the garage is missing the carousel etc
  15. Interface2037

    Thanks, great work mate!
  16. Interface2037

    [MacOS] Stuck on loading screen....

    Strange, I haven’t had this problem for a long time. Sad it’s still present.
  17. Interface2037

    win 8 not working in garage

    Is the wn8 color scales wrong for you too?
  18. Interface2037

    WoT 1.02 crash to desktop after few games

    #19 48 games, not a single CTD. The only thing is that XVM has been on and offline intermittent during the day, and that the wn8 color scales are wrong.
  19. It’s an XVM bug I think
  20. Same here. It’s just blank. No info, nothing when there is a blacklisted player.
  21. Interface2037

    WoT 1.02 crash to desktop after few games

    For me at least, it’s an improvement. Of 100 battles played the last two days - 2 ctd’s. Using the simple garage mod.
  22. Interface2037

    Anton VK Calculator missing

    Doesn’t for me either. Tried disabling lots of other mods to no avail.....
  23. Interface2037

    WoT 1.02 crash to desktop after few games

    Some CTD’s after and before battles. 4 in total in 43 games played. Thankfully Yasenkrasen found a solution to have the session stats saved after each battle so they won’t be lost because of the crashes.
  24. Interface2037

    Consumable keys not working

    Yesterday I couldn’t change ammo. Keys 1,2 3 didn’t work. Restarted the client and it went away. Didn’t see anything in the logs.
  25. Same here. Only EU flags and the correct ones in chat.

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