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  1. Interface2037

    Repeated Crashes to Dektop

    For me it also happens without XVM, so I think it’s both WG and XVM. Sadly....
  2. Which of course changes the folder name. Tried moving all mods from to the new folder but is doesn’t work it seems. Just so you know.
  3. Interface2037

    WoT 1.02 crash to desktop after few games

    Crashes more now. Even without XVM. GG WG..
  4. Interface2037

    CTD waiting to get into battle

    I have massive CTD’s even without XVM..
  5. Battle Observer works with #01 but not with #02. the logs shows nothing. Any ideas?
  6. Interface2037

    WoT 1.02 crash to desktop after few games

    Read on the WG forums and it’s seems a lot of people are having these CTD’s. So perhaps it’s the update itself that’s flawed...unusual for WG.....
  7. Interface2037

    WoT 1.02 crash to desktop after few games

    Add me...same. Probably XVM.
  8. Interface2037

    game not loading

    Yep, Zorgane as usual. Disabled the mod and the game loads.
  9. Interface2037

    Hangar clock and calculator missing

    Gone for me as well.
  10. Interface2037

    Game crash to desktop when going into battle

    Still happens :/
  11. Interface2037

    #13 missing mods

    Hi Aslain, just installed #13 but several mods are missing in the garage even if selected in the installer. thanks
  12. Interface2037

    #13 missing mods

    Works fine now! Thanks!
  13. Interface2037

    Number of bugs with Aslain's WoT ModPack v1.0.1.1 #14

    My install today of #14 seemed to work, haven’t played any games yet though.
  14. Interface2037

    #13 missing mods

    Sorry, coming. Also, Awfultankers session stats doesn’t work. No WN8 and battle count only other stats. Perhaps you can check that in the log too. I saw some error from Zorgs audio mod as well. Finaly, hangar clock and calculator doesn’t work either.
  15. Interface2037

    #13 missing mods

    I think there is something wrong when the installer itself. First, the xvm option to have a selected server when login doesn’t work. and I have to select manually EU2. Second, Hangar Tools and stats replaces xvm carousel and expected damage, wn8 etc.
  16. Interface2037

    #13 missing mods

    Sure sorry, I’ll fix that
  17. Interface2037


    Hi! As mentioned before, I have severe issues of CTD’s. Which seems to be random but feels like It happens more often when there is more server population. Always at end of a battle, sometimes even before. If I exit the battle and wait for it to be finished, the CTD occurs in the garage as soon as the battle is over. I don’t know if it is XVM related. The logs show nothing strange. I’m using Yasenkrasen, maybe it’s the culprit. It has always been buggy, using the Beta feature. What annoys me the most is that the stats for recent battles is gone from the stats because of the CTD’s, I wish there was a way to ‘save’ the stats manually in the garage. Any ideas? Thinking of using Awfultankers session stats instead. Thankful for any help edit: with the latest modpack it still happens. Not as frequently as with #14
  18. Interface2037

    Getting stuck while loading

    No. It just keep happening.
  19. Interface2037

    crashing to desktop...seriously this again?!!!

    Tried without XVM sights and still got CTD’s not as frequent though. Always when exit a battle or when it ends. One question, is it possible to save the current Yasenkrasen stats in the garage so that the recent battles don’t disappear because of the ctd’s??? update, today 41 games and 6 ctd’s. Sometimes just by selection a tank in the garage.
  20. Interface2037

    crashing to desktop...seriously this again?!!!

    What’s most annoying is that when I use Yasenkrasen these CTD’s also removes the stats since the last login. Is there a way to prevent this? Save the stats somehow?
  21. Interface2037

    crashing to desktop...seriously this again?!!!

    Yes, it happens with the latest modpack. I will attach lots when I get home for work. I’ve read somewhere it’s XVM related.
  22. Clock and calculator is missing even if you have them ticked in the installer
  23. Interface2037

    Getting stuck while loading

    Same here with certain tanks. Very annoying, not using any of the above mods, maybe it’s a WG bug.
  24. Interface2037

    Missing info panel

    You have to change the mods settings in the garage to “standard” and then show friendly tanks as well. Works for me.

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