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  1. ThreeNill

    Fonts, scaling or zoom issue

    I feel I've given up. I just reinstalled the game, and created a new user on my windows (to void any AppData settings etc.) still same. I feel like the players panel is not rendered to 100% (similarly to how you can zoom the map with "=" and "-" ).
  2. ThreeNill

    Fonts, scaling or zoom issue

    Nah that's probably me. I had to cut it in paint because it was a combined screenshot of both my monitors
  3. ThreeNill

    Fonts, scaling or zoom issue

    It's the default 100%. I had a talk with a dev from XVM, and managed to disable the Compatibility setting (Disable scaling blabla). However it didn't fix the issue. It's something about my system I am sure, but I can't figure out what..
  4. ThreeNill

    Fonts, scaling or zoom issue

    I am running with a 24'' 1920x1080 native monitor (BenQ GL2460) . So it's not that - I had it running well before the halloween patch.
  5. ThreeNill

    Fonts, scaling or zoom issue

    So I downloaded the default xvm from their website and the issue remains. So it's not Aslain's fault as the modpack is not causing it. I think I will try to take it up with them and hopefully someone pays me attention I guess this topic can be closed. Thank you all for your time and @central for spotting the issue.
  6. ThreeNill

    Fonts, scaling or zoom issue

    I know but it's a fact, I can make a video to prove it And I don't even know where to look in xvm. Nothing rings a bell that could affect it. I know however when it appeared, so I can probably find xvm changelogs to get a clue.
  7. ThreeNill

    Fonts, scaling or zoom issue

    I found the culprit - it's XVM. Tried with other random mods - it works fine. With XVM: Test 1 - default xvm team OTM Test 2 - aslain's OTM Test 3 - custom 6th sense icon (all of the tests were exclusively that particular section only) In all of the tests it was messing the Compatibility of the client. On the bright side - XVM has the most extensive customization so I will dig into the configs later and try to figure it out.
  8. ThreeNill

    Fonts, scaling or zoom issue

    I had the suspicion it could be the Max Farplane or any other of the more "graphics" mods. But will test it out tonight and post results. Worst case scenario I will try the mods one by one
  9. ThreeNill

    Fonts, scaling or zoom issue

    Thanks a lot @central . It is actually the case. However I can't remove it. Some of the mods (and I only use the modpack) is setting it every time the game is ran. Without mods the Compatibility is whatever I set it to (for example "Run as admin"). With mods it gets set to "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" . "Run as admin" is removed. Any clue which mod/s would do that? I have attached the logs if @Aslain or anybody else want to take a look. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. So I don't want to post this as a bug since I am pretty sure it's a problem "in my TV". The issue - something has changed since (the halloween patch) and since then text throughout the client has been "different" for the worse. Here's a screenshot for example: (You'll have to open it in full size) So as you can see the text from the chat, minimap and damage taken panel seems normal. But the countour icons and damage panel seems out of order and hardy readable. For comparison this is how the icons look when viewed in windows: https://puu.sh/yb7em/88fa6de44f.png And when you press Ctrl + Scroll Down (once) they look exactly like in the client: https://puu.sh/yb7ff/b937ad7a05.png (P.S. I tried different countour icons, had the same issue) I haven't touched any game settings or changed PC/Monitor etc. And since the issue appeared I tried to tweak the interface scale in preferences.xml but nothing helped. Going from x0.9 to x1.33 in steps everything looks worse than x1. So if anyone has an idea I'd greatly appreciate the help

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