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  1. Shooting problems

    Is the autoaim permanently broken? It seems to be the cause of not being able to shoot.
  2. Mark of Excellence % not updating in garage

    This is a known issue with WG. Marks of Excellence was broken with 9.20. They put a 14 day hold on it.
  3. OTM Missing letters

    Hmmm, I just installed 9.20b and the markers files still have Calibri and so needed to be changed again to "Fieldfont" in both markersAliveExtended.xc and markersAliveNormal.xc.
  4. Had same problem with both 9.20 & 9.20b just like: Mescalito - "get into battle and see the battle loading screen with the background image of the map. but i stays on that image and i don't see any tank only minimap works." Pabnchew - " could see the OTM on the screen and they went into a free cam mode when I clicked the mouse" Xd out of game , restart in safe mode, resume game and everything is normal. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. Patch.exe Failure

    So this problem just resurfaced. Installed the 9.20 modpack (deselected tank highlighter). Install was successful with no anomalies or errors Game started me stuck in some weird zoom mode where the only things i could see were OTM's with map section in background. no tanks were visible. Started game in safe mode and it worked fine. Tried to remove modpack and I could not remove the \res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain folder due to patch.exe and fouled permissions again. Restarted computer and was able to delete folder/file Playing vanilla This is kinda scary when something is trashing permissions repeatedly.
  6. Patch.exe Failure

    Did you restart your system? If you did, and still cannot remove the files I would suggest you create a new user with full administrator privileges, restart your computer (not switch user, not log off), log in as new admin user and then try to delete the files. Hope it helps.
  7. OTM Missing letters

    Thank you Sir !!
  8. OTM Missing letters

    Just for clarification purposes.......Should the replacement line look like "font": ""$FieldFont"", or like "font": "$FieldFont" ??? Single or double quoted
  9. Patch.exe Failure

    I had exact same problem. Here's what I learned and how I fixed my system. - When the modpack has been successfully installed the directory \res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain does NOT contain the file PATCH.EXE - When my install failed it produced the error shown below (from the installer - not from anti-virus) when it found that PATCH.EXE was already there, - AND because the permissions were fouled up the installer could not move/delete/whatever it needed to do with that file. I fixed my system by the following * Restart system * Log in as administrator or account with administrator privileges * Delete the entire directory \res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain * Perform another install of latest modpack being sure to select option to "Delete all previous mods from the game" Summary - At some point during a previous modpack install, something went wrong which caused the installation to either malfunction or finish prematurely. - The result of that occurrence was a corrupted file system in the aforementioned directory, where the permissions were broken and files remained that should not. - Prior to this issue I had not received any indication of any modpack install not being successful. - I have NO IDEA what actually caused the corruption, but my game works fine now .
  10. I copied the below from a translated version of the mods thread at Korean Random Forum.  https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/40734-wmcleaner-поиск-и-удаление-модов-очистка-кэша-клиента-и/


    Aslain's installer is already configured to put it in the right place of course. 



    WOT Mods Cleaner





    Version: 1.0.5         Date: 20/08/2017



    The program is designed to find and remove versions installed in the game client WorldOfTanks . It allows you to find all the third-party files that are connected to the client and delete them automatically, after making a backup if needed. Functionality of the program includes:

    • Search for files in the "mods"  and "res_mods"  client folders ( the Internal mods )
    • Analysis and File Recovery "paths.xml" , the definition of third-party links to files and folders in it ( the External mods )
    • Advanced Search extraneous files in the directory " WorldOfTanks \ of res" by downloading and analyzing data with WG update server ( the External mods )
    • Clearing the cache in the game directory  "Wargaming.net \ WorldOfTanks \" ( the Cache-folder )
    • Search and delete log -files ( Logs-files )
    • Find and delete screenshots ( Screenshots-files is )
    • Find and delete replays ( Wotreplays-files is )
    • Creating a zip -arhiva's backup with
    • Running the client verification through the launcher, if necessary

    To work with the program is sufficient to put exe -file in the root of the game client (folder "WorldOfTanks \" ), and then run it. The program automatically analyzes the game client and displays a list of files and mods that can be removed. Remove them, close the program, you're done.


    Also, to simplify the task of the desired folder, you can simply move the mouse in any running program file from the root directory of the game. The program itself will determine it the right way ....





    • ОС Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
    • Localization RUS / ENG
    • The program has been tested for compatibility with the game and test ( CT ) clients
    • Loading data from the update server WG only last for the current version of the game, if the client's version of the old, the data in the analysis do not participate
    • Advanced analysis of the client files of the game with the identification of all foreign mods ( the External mods ) is only available when you download the actual data from the update server WG
    • The program does not completely clears the entire catalog of the game client files from strangers, it focuses primarily on the detection and removal of those files, and modifications that are downloaded or can be downloaded by the client of the game, and thus affect its performance and efficiency
  11. configs file will not update

    It's an error message generated by the installer. The permissions on the Aslain directory containing the file patch.exe were broken. I run as admin, tried explicit admin, tried everything I know about permissions to no avail. I restarted my system per Aslain and I was able to remove the directory. I was then able to install the modpack without issues, HOWEVER, upon completion of the install there is no file called patch.exe in that folder now. While the problem was clearly local, I think it was caused by the installer. I'm guessing that a previous install process did not terminate properly leaving some working files around on the disk. Works now :), and thanks again to Aslain and all who help on this forum.
  12. Auto-lock Engage & Dis-engage problem.

    I've had this happen as well. It always happens when the situation is very hectic and I am switching targets quickly. However, I believe that I am really at fault here. I think that the audio report (e.g, target acquired) is just too slow to keep pace with what is actually occurring. So I click the button to lock, hear nothing, and assume that my reticle was not in place, so I click again and hear the unlock message...... I'd like to see WG add an option to select tones to indicate the status of auto-lock instead of the lengthy messages, and the system could be more responsive.
  13. Contacts not connecting

    Newbie, I also have the problem with the contact list never connecting, but the game works fine in all other aspects. I did a little testing and here's what I found. I have 2 systems running Tanks. System 1 has NEVER had any mods installed and has always been a vanilla client, and is my Alt account system System 2 has always used Aslain modpack and is my Primary account system. Both systems run identical OS/Anti-Virus/Malware/etc....... My Alt account contact list works FINE on both systems. My Primary account FAILS on both systems (contact list broken) even when NO mods are installed on either system These tests were run against both the East and West serves. I tried safe mode = FAIL I manually cleansed the mod directories = FAIL I tried at least ten combinations of mods = FAIL I did clean/delete installs each time = FAIL This has me convinced that that the modpack is not at fault, and neither is the game installation or the software config on either on my systems. It seems to be something wrong with my account at Wargaming's end of things. Also worth mention is that my Primary account contact list is pretty huge, and my alt account list is very small. Maybe some new size limit is breaking it, and might explain why it happens to some and not others........
  14. I've waited from 5 minutes to overnight. Makes no difference. The post of the Applications tab of Task Manager is the entire list. My PC is just idling....
  15. Whenever I install the modpack the installer exe files never terminate. This happened a long time ago and then a new modpack fixed it. Both exe files point to the same process which looks like a temp file. If I end the Setup.exe with the X icon using task manager they all go away. This problem reoccurred at least 8-10 versions ago. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip