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  1. Show Team WN8 on the battle interface

    Thank you so much Aslain. I had to move this mod down so it did not overlap the dmg/asst/spot panel above it. I first tried the alternate location for the dmg/asst/spot panel above the damage panel, but it interferes with the hitlogs. Please see attachments for preferred location. Thanks again!
  2. Is there a way to change the position of this mod on the screen? (Show Team WN8 on the battle interface). the default location interferes with another option.
  3. Team Wn8 screen position

    Awesome......Thank You Sir!
  4. Team Wn8 screen position

    How can I control the screen position of this mod? (Team wn8 on battle screen)
  5. Session stats reset?

    Yeah, it's broke...I kinda thought so but wanted a sanity check before I posted bug report. (don't want to waste anyone's time) Thanks Quaksen
  6. Session stats reset?

    Has the installation of Modpack always reset the Yasenkrassen session stats? I chose the option to back them up I'm sure, but the last 3 times they reset
  7. Banks Loader ???

    Sorry...Here's the logs Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Banks Loader ???

    I get this message box when using v9.21.0 #00 I have double-checked and I did not install any sound mods. I have never used them.
  9. Advanced Info on Carousel not displaying

    Bump.....just in case. I know you're busy
  10. Barracks Mod Needed

    I need a mod that will remove crew members from the barracks based on their skill level. It is so time consuming to search and remove all of the 50% crew that the game keeps adding to my barracks. It would be awesome to just remove them all with one-click. Give me a drop down box with 100%, 75%, or 50% choice and let 'er rip.
  11. Mastery Mark + Marks of Excellence + Battle Tier not working at all. Please see attached. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  12. Reposition Integrated (XFT) hit/damage logs

    Awesome...Thanks Aslain
  13. Is there a way to move the Damage Done & Damage Received logs down to line up with the top of the Damage Panel? (on the same line as tankname)
  14. Shooting problems

    Is the autoaim permanently broken? It seems to be the cause of not being able to shoot.
  15. Mark of Excellence % not updating in garage

    This is a known issue with WG. Marks of Excellence was broken with 9.20. They put a 14 day hold on it.