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    Install Error: sed.exe file

    Unfortunately, I'm not a computer expert so I don't know about how the file may be have been locked or what would cause it. I've never had trouble with your modpack until the patch before last. No matter - next time I update my mods because of a new patch, I'll see if it happens again and provide some feedback. Thanks,
  2. Mustang2209

    Install Error: sed.exe file

    Thanks, Buck. I downloaded the app and after a couple false starts, was able to get it deleted and removed the extra mod folder. I appreciate the help!
  3. Mustang2209

    Install Error: sed.exe file

    Then, Aslain, can you program your mod packs so I don't get the errors? Right now, there are now 2 sub-folders in my res_mod folder, one for each micropatch that's been released recently and it won't allow me to go plain vanilla and download a clean copy of your modpack, if necessary. Screenshot for reference as I have to "Ignore" the "sed.exe" in order to update with the latest version. I can't merely delete the sub-folder now.
  4. Mustang2209

    Install Error: sed.exe file

    I have the same problem. No admin permissions to get rid of it and even manual deletion doesn't work. It only affects WoT and not WoW as I do plain vanilla client for the latter. I don't know if it's coming from Aslain's or one of the WoT patches of late. I do the "Ignore" and have to do it four times since that's the number of times it appears in the res mods folder. By Ignoring, it allows the installation of the latest Aslains's. I've done malwalbyte scans and McAfee scans and they aren't detecting anything wrong. But, now I cant go plain vanilla like I used to and Aslains' is the only variable I can think of unless Wargaming has inserted this exe file without telling anyone. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it (short of a full reinstall of WoT) would be helpful.

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