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  1. Hi there, i would ask personaly if its possible to make the Mod of the New York Lights (or add it into the ModPack again) i know there are serval Modders, who try to make it work again. The Side where im talking about is actually here: http://www.modsworldofwarships.com/port-lights-new-york-0-5-7-0-release-wows/ But that side is Way far of the actually Version of Warships i rly like the Mod (or the Port itself) also tried to install it manual in the Mod Folder and it worked somehow (just started flickering after a While) maybe because of the Interface. There is also a Forum Post about it, in the official Forums of Warships here: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/79397-ports-lights-of-new-york/ which shows the Issue (the Flickering, Graphic Bug) of the Mod. What so ever, i hope there are some Modders who can make this Thing work again. Regards Skycat

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