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  1. Raid

    Arty Aiming

    eh, forgot the add the logs, here they are Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip with this version (Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v. everything works just fine.
  2. Raid

    Arty Aiming

    Here is also a screenshot for the problem. Im sittin in K1 with my tanks hull pointing at around A9 and a0 and im aiming at C0. It even shows in the component panel that my BC turret is facing towards c0 but after i shoot, my shells land a9 and a0 border. Only way to actually hit right targets is to either try to lock autoaim on target in arcade aiming mode or hope that some unlucky soul drives where my shells are landing. And this happenend after last Modpack update. With older pack, it works just fine. And its not just that aiming is out of sync as if i dont turn my hull with WASD, all my shells land in same spot no matter where i aim with mouse.
  3. Raid

    Arty Aiming

    Like he said, arty shoots only with direct line to where its HULL is facing, not where gun is pointing (unless its pointing directly ahead.) In arty aiming mode, crosshair works just like intended and it moves to target just like before but when i shoot shells still go only where hull was pointing when you started aiming. And if there is lag, it has be server sided becouse my ping is constantly under 80ms
  4. I dont know there is mod for this or if its even possible to create one for it. It could be like a checkbox in the tank carousel or something that allows you tag certain tanks that only go to regular random fights, and some tanks that can go other modes (assault, encounter or grandbattles.) becouse some of the tanks just dont work in those. For examble: there are certain really weak tanks that are useless in assault mode when you are attacker.
  5. Raid

    Arty Aiming

    I have this same problem. And it cannot be AA+ as i didnt even install it. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip

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