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  1. PisnNapalm

    Can't install v7.1.0 #00b

    After three more tries and errors like this one, it finally loaded. Haven't seen if its working properly yet, but I think it should. Fingers crossed. I'd like to thank you for creating and maintaining this mod pack. The TorpedoBeats are awesome and definitely are more attention getting than the stock game alert sound.
  2. PisnNapalm

    Can't install v7.1.0 #00b

    I've downloaded from all four links. Some of them multiple times.
  3. I know you want the log file, but I can't create that because I can't get this version to install. I keep getting the error messages. Any ideas? Thank you. PS Yes I've tried checking the game's file integrity. I've also posted the installer option file. _Aslains_Installer_Options_.inf
  4. PisnNapalm

    Voice mods won't install.

    That worked. Thank you for your help.
  5. PisnNapalm

    Voice mods won't install.

    I have had the mod pack be corrupted and had to download again. That's happened several times. The voice mods used to work. A few versions ago though they stopped. I'm attaching screenshots of the pertinent menus to show you. As you can see I selected the mods to install. The installer did it's job. The files are in the correct place as far as I can tell. Yet they don't show up in the menu. Is there something obvious that I'm missing?
  6. I've tried numerous times to install the latest modpack. #6 I've made sure that I have a fresh install of WoWs. I've tried the modpack from the different download links as well. Still cannot get the voicemods to work. I have run the archiver log and attached the file as you request for bugs. Thank you for looking into this. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip

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