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  1. Makes sense. Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.
  2. What about the situation where after I installed the modpack I want to disable one of the mods, but keep all others? Do I have to reinstall entire thing from scratch?
  3. Thanks! I do find Panzerschiffer icons interesting. And Tic-Tac crosshair by Hootorez. Really interesting mods I hope they work for me without issues.
  4. Oh, that's great! For someone who never modded World of Warships, do you have any suggestions for what I should look forward or ignore?
  5. Hello. So I am pretty new to World of Warships modding and I found out about this Aslain modpack. If I could assume how it works; it is an instalation pack that contains various mods that you can either enable or disable? If so, is there any way to see what you actually want to have enabled and what not? Or are you forced to enable every each of them and see in-game? Thanks and cheers.

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