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  1. Mav's Clan Message Center

    Thanks letting me know got in contact with Mav he provided me with the required information and file. I created my Msg Board Gui that will hopefully work outside the game interface. Now I need to learn to make it start or link it to a button inside the game notification or in the garage that's what is testing mode is all about. Any pointers or help is greatly appreciated.
  2. WoT GUI Popup window

    You will require Python just google it plenty of explanation
  3. Mav's Clan Message Center

    Can someone tell or advise me if a PYC extension python be uncompled seems I would require the actual PY to make actual change or to update to the current version of WOT thank you
  4. Mav's Clan Message Center

    I agree with you on that issue however I addressed this to WG in regard to this clan message board they have on their web site to be included as feature within the game it self however I won't hold my breath on this. I downloaded the zip file and will check into this more in depth. Not sure how one interact with others and games setting for the notification center.