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  1. Mueuwer

    illegal Mods ?

    Déjà vu Bureaucrates|Bürokraten This two heroes of this plot, need to go WG Paris!
  2. Mueuwer

    illegal Mods ?

    Ok but wasnt "MonstroMarkers", besides Fires, all about intel like which only allies is usiing X consumables at the moment if you look to them?
  3. Mueuwer

    illegal Mods ?

    First of all i dont want to take anyone to a pillory with this response! But how you, Aslain came to this conlusion, actually?
  4. Mueuwer

    illegal Mods ?

    What about the recent News 11/21/2017 [EN] World of Warships Mod Policy [PL] World of Warships – polityka dotycząca modyfikacji Some Youtuber claimed mods like enemy ship degree indicator or using the "X" on the minimap for better aiming especially on invisible ships in smoke will be illegal! My Suggestion for this issue Some mods should be removed and other marked "Gray" What do you guys think about this?

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