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    !!! VERY IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT script.zip !!!

    This is like paint drying, they take a graphic display that provides information of hits or lack there of to and from your guns.... something that they can actually display if they are smart. And the replacement is to fall back on the "flags" of hit pen no-pen etc that spring up during battle for a second or so... hmmms.... Someone found out that if you keep people in the dark as to who hit them or how your own damage figures are doing, you would not work out whether to use HE or AP on a particular ship.... don't want the paying public to find that sort of information out now would we. Add to the frustration level, then a percentage of them will pay $$ to buy Premium, and or anything else that costs $$ And we wonder why there is an average of 5k on the server..... not a good revenue focus to upset your clients, no clients, no revenue. But they do it so well and so often maybe they really think they actually do have a brilliant plan. BC
  2. RulesWombats

    WoWS test server mods

    Did study this effort on test server, they shut off the mods except the port for carousel mod. Last three updates they mostly worked.... So happily they can turn off mods if they want to do so. This concludes test server mod check report.
  3. RulesWombats

    WoWS test server mods

    ok tried with #05... nothing worked, BUT, going to delete preference.xml in main Folder and have it rebuild and see if it is going to set the res_mods active.... brb... RW
  4. RulesWombats

    WoWS test server mods

    Some were working last test server 14.. Will check out the #05 pack on 15... for you now, be back in 15 minutes
  5. RulesWombats

    Combination Dynamic crosshair for WoWarships

    TY and thanks for ALL you have done and do for the both Games...... RW
  6. G'day, I have used the dynamic CH (crosshair) a few times and though it may be for some I have found that I keep reverting to a static CH Mebuis_LW Spider with better results. My wild thought is to incorporate that CH with a STD dynamic CH, thus getting the best of both worlds as my aim is ok, not WTR king (39%) but given that Static and Dynamic are in game, the incorporation and overlaying of both would not be a "Hack" not an Aim assist. Can anyone suggest this to the CH mod developers please ? RW

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