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  1. general_mayhem_cdm


    Whilst observing the battle after my own demise, I noticed when I was looking from the WT perspective it was labelled as AMX on the minimap.
  2. general_mayhem_cdm

    Weaker team or stronger team?

    Cheers & very efficient service. Wish all my questions were so easily answered. LOL
  3. general_mayhem_cdm

    Weaker team or stronger team?

    As you colour code the different levels of player ability ie red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple, would it be possible to assign a value for each level. For example reds get 1 point, orange 2, yellow 3, etc. Then as each team is composed in a random battle can the respective totals be accumulated & shown so that I know when my team is weak or strong. This value could be recorded so that over time I would then like to see if there is a pattern as I suspect I am unfairly on the weaker team most of the time.
  4. general_mayhem_cdm

    Free experience

    Thanks Didn't realise these were options.
  5. general_mayhem_cdm

    Free experience

    Hi When I have your mod pack installed I cannot use free experience to research modules or increase crew skills & perks. Otherwise I love it.

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