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  1. Weaker team or stronger team?

    Cheers & very efficient service. Wish all my questions were so easily answered. LOL
  2. Weaker team or stronger team?

    As you colour code the different levels of player ability ie red,orange,yellow,green,blue,purple, would it be possible to assign a value for each level. For example reds get 1 point, orange 2, yellow 3, etc. Then as each team is composed in a random battle can the respective totals be accumulated & shown so that I know when my team is weak or strong. This value could be recorded so that over time I would then like to see if there is a pattern as I suspect I am unfairly on the weaker team most of the time.
  3. Free experience

    Thanks Didn't realise these were options.
  4. Free experience

    Hi When I have your mod pack installed I cannot use free experience to research modules or increase crew skills & perks. Otherwise I love it.