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  1. Add clan icon

    Please add this Logo for -QP- & -QP2- Server: NA
  2. Chat Mod Not Working

    OK thanks
  3. Chat Mod Not Working

    OK it fixed it, so Clan Icons are bugged?
  4. Chat Mod Not Working

    Ok Will do and I will let you know
  5. Chat Mod Not Working

    Sorry, here you go, let me know if it helps. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  6. Chat Mod Not Working

    Ok, I have tried Chat Mods 1-4 and they all do it in Aslain's mod pack...odd
  7. Chat Mod Not Working

    except when i used Wargamings mod pack that has the chat mod, it works just fine. There is a mod in Aslain's that's conflicting with the chat mod
  8. Chat Mod Not Working

    When using any version of the chat mod, it prevents you from seeing and typing in chat. I even made sure the box to disable chat was not checked and it still didn't fix it. All it does is leave you when a blank chat box.
  9. WOWs Modpack Not Installing

    I have full admin rights as the Wargaming Official Modpack installs just fine. The most recent windows update happened and thats where this issue started happening with your and Hakabase modpack
  10. WOWs Modpack Not Installing

    Tried that, same error
  11. WOWs Modpack Not Installing

    Sure, here are the screenshots:
  12. WOWs Modpack Not Installing

    Gets halfway, then an uninstaller error pops up and reverts all changes and stops installing