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  1. Mod Interfereing with Missions

    Sorry, but I will start recording , may be a few days as its very hit and miss.
  2. Mod Interfereing with Missions

    Well, just as I attached they credited me with achieving the conditions (after multiple times of doing it), so , I thought it works now. Until just now in my LTTB where I achieved primary condition (even showed up as such during the game) and now, they don't credit primary condition achievement??? I love the mod but don't want to remove it just because wargaming blame it! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Mod Interfereing with Missions

    OK let me figure it out
  4. Have these been removed in the latest update?
  5. Mod Interfereing with Missions

    Nope, new update and its still a problem. Dont want to play without the mod but im trying to complete these missions. There is no aslain mod xip file in my folder so ??
  6. Does anyone know how i do this?
  7. I have Aslain mod for Asia server 9.20.14#8 installed and definitely completed twice the LT8 mission for the T28. wot SAYS its Alsain's mod that is stopping acknowledgement from WOT. i was wondering if anyone else has had this and whether there is a SPECIFIC ITEM WITHIN THE MOD PACK THAT I can remove that will bring it back to normal. WOT advises I remove the mod pack but I'm reluctant to do so. Also in previous versions of Aslains mod pack i have completed the missions and acknowledgement has occurred. Thanks for the replies in advance